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How Dog Shedding Can Bring You & Your "Fur Kid" Closer

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Dogs are family, and we love them with all of our hearts. But dogs shed. Unless you own a hairless breed of canine, you're going to have fur on your clothes, see fur floating in the air, decorating your lawn, and stuck in the creases of your furniture. You will probably even, on occasion, find a clump of fur in an odd place or two where you'll wonder how it got there. But that's okay! Shedding is natural. mobile-dog-grooming-san-diego

Just as we lose a certain amount of hair each day, dogs lose a certain amount of fur. Some breeds shed more than others. Dogs will shed damaged or old fur, but heavy shedding doesn't necessarily indicate a health problem. It's just the way of things. Many dogs shed seasonally, but for pets that are kept inside, dog shedding is something that may occur all year, because their body's regulation gets out of whack with the frequent changes in temperature as they go in and out.

Some dogs shed less than others. Dogs whose fur becomes easily matted don't usually shed quite as much as other breeds, because their fur falls out at a slower rate. Long-haired dogs will appear to shed more, but it's actually just that their hair is longer, so it seems like they're leaving half of themselves behind sometimes.

But there are things you can do to control the amount of shedding.

The key to making your life easier while helping your dog shed less is first making certain that they're healthy -- physically and emotionally. Excessive shedding is often caused by medical issues, such as thyroid or kidney disease, or medications that they're taking, or stress. Even a poor quality of food can contribute to shedding.

Once a vet has assured you that your "fur kid" is perfectly healthy, and you know you're feeding them a good diet, the next step to helping your dog shed less is proper grooming. This is where you can make a real difference in your pet's life and in your life too. You don't have to look at dog shedding as a nuisance.

If you've got a heavy shedder, instead of quickly running a brush through your dog's fur once a week or less, set aside a bit of time every day when you can thoroughly brush your pet. Make it a calm time, when you both can sit together in a quiet space. Consider it a bonding experience for you and your dog.

Spending this time together will feel like a regular therapeutic session -- not only for your pet, but for you. Most dogs love brushing and want it to go on as long as possible. It softens their fur, and the strokes of the brush stimulate and massage their skin, reaching spots they often can't scratch or lick themselves. This repetitive action will become calming and meditative for them and for you. As your dog relaxes, you'll relax right along with them. It's the perfect way to ease your stress after a long day. Once in the routine of doing this, you'll both look forward to the time together.

Because you're grooming your dog more often, you will get rid of a lot of excess fur. That, in turn, will cause your dog to shed less, which means less for you to clean up all the time. So instead of getting upset about something your dog can't stop doing, make controlling your dog's shedding into a time of joy for you both.

If you want to treat your pet to an even more luxurious experience, contact us today. As San Diego mobile groomers for over 10 years, we know how to pamper all breeds. We offer simple baths and grooming to total makeovers. Our mobile pet grooming salon is a calm, soothing environment your furry baby will love.

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