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Healthy Ways to Pamper Your Pup This Winter

Posted by Awesome Doggies

There's no one in the world who enjoys wintertime more than a happy dog. The simple change in seasonal scents and the way everyone gets friendlier around this time of year is simply fantastic for our favorite furry friends. However, winter time isn't always playtime and visiting relatives. There's also the long evenings cuddled up with your pooch with a cup of hot cocoa watching movies, wearing slippers, and cooking experimental desserts. If you love to relax in the winter, so does your furry friend. Why not pamper your pup this winter with a few cozy bonding techniques the two of you can enjoy together?mobile-dog-grooming-san-diego

Homemade Dog Treats

One thing that winter tends to bring out is an urge to cook and bake. Before or after the holidays, the plates of cookies, steaming pies, and delicious roasts just seem to keep coming. If you love to get into a major cooking kick in the winter, consider making your dog a few platters of winter doggy treats as well. From blueberry biscuits to peanut butter treats, your furry companion can share your wintertime joy in cooking delicious homemade goodies. 

Moisturizing Spa Treatment

Even if your puppy is an inside/outside dog, during the winter they're likely to want to spend a lot more time inside your heater-warmed home. However, when a heater runs it dries out the warm air which can start to cause dry skin and itching problems in both humans and their pets. Just like you need to up the moisturizer routine during the winter, your dog needs something similar. Gentle, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is a great place to start and you can even use some special doggy lotion with a selection of delightfully healthy ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E oil to keep their skin as soft and healthy as it is in the summer.

Share Warm Meals

There's nothing like a warm cup of tea or a steaming hot meal shared during the winter months to warm your heart and your insides and your dog enjoys eating warm food as well. If you feed your dog 'wet' food, you can easily warm it up on the stove or in the microwave, just be sure to sir and heat carefully so as not to burn your dog's tounge. Even dry food can be served warm by adding warm water which will create a hot 'gravy' which will warm the morsels and your dog as they eat it. This is a great way to share the joys of hot meals in the winter, even if it's not that cold outside.

Brushed to Perfection

Finally, don't forget to keep brushing your dog every day. In fact, the winter is one of the most important times to brush your dog as they deal with the hassle of a winter fur coat. Here in California, dogs tend to grow a lot more winter fur than they need. To help them with this challenge, brush them thoroughly several times a week to pull out excess loose fur, sort out tangles, and detect any hidden skin issues. Plus, it's still a wonderful way to bond and spend time with your pet each day.

Winters here in California aren't harsh or nearly as icy as other places (or really at all) but you can still enjoy the cooler months with your dog happily at your side. Share your winter treat creation with your furry friends, keep their skin moisturized, and never stop your brushing routine. For more cold weather ways to bond with your dog or to schedule a winter grooming session, contact us today!

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