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Hair Everywhere? 3 Easy Steps to Get Dog Shedding Under Control

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Are you continually rounding up tumbleweeds of pet hair around your house? Think twice before shaving off your dog’s coat as a way of managing shedding – such a radical approach is most likely unnecessary. We can’t promise to make your world fur-free (and who would want that, really) but we can share a simple three step approach for getting all that flying fur under control. .




First consider your pet’s overall health, and be sure you are feeding a quality diet. At Awesome Doggies, we are partial to the great kibble made by Nature’s Select– that’s what we feed our dogs. When a dog eats a proper diet, it shows in the condition of their coat.

Second, brush daily with a slicker brush or pin brush – whichever is most appropriate for your dog’s coat. Generally speaking, the longer your pet’s coat, the longer the tines of the brush need to be to do the job properly. Consult with your groomer if you have any questions about what types of brushes will work best for your pooch. Brushing should be a relaxing, enjoyable time for both you and your dog.



Third, if daily brushing isn’t enough to get the shedding under control (or if it just doesn’t fit into your busy life), then consider using a deshedding tool such as the FURminator to remove excess coat. You still have to spend time brushing with this special tool, but a FURminator can be used much less frequently - weekly or monthly – with great results. You can get your own FURminator or equivalent tool and do it yourself at home, or just ask your groomer about adding a FURminator deshedding session to your next regular groom. Deshedding treatments, when done regularly, will ultimately reduce shedding by 60-80%. That’s a big difference in the amount of loose hair floating around your house!

Almost always, getting a dog’s shedding under control really is this simple – 1 (good nutrition), 2 (daily brushing), 3 (regular deshedding). If you’ve tried all these, or if your dog’s hair loss is patchy, or their normally glossy coat has gotten dull, then it’s time for a checkup with a vet.

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