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Going After Those Pesky Fleas

Posted by Awesome Doggies

As professional groomers, we get lots of calls for flea cleanups. If you’ve seen even one flea on your dog, it’s a sure bet that there are lots more in hiding – on your pet as well as in your home and yard. And if there are adult fleas around, then there are also flea eggs and larvae that need to be cleaned up as well. Only 15 % of most infestations consist of adult fleas, and the remaining percentage consists of eggs and larvae too small to see. That’s a lot of “ick” to take care of!

 You Need to Clean More Than The Dog

 Our mobile grooming salon deals with the big job of cleaning up your pet, which is probably where most of the fleas are congregating (since that’s where their food is). But at the same time, to have the best chances of completely getting rid of the infestation, you’ll need to wash your pet’s bedding and treat your carpets and outdoor areas as well.

 To cleanup the fleas on your pet, we use an all natural yucca-based flea shampoo that is highly effective, and we offer the option of applying Frontline after the bath to help prevent a recurrence. You can clean your pet’s bedding by laundering in hot water & running through the dryer on high heat. Pest removal companies can be hired to treat your house and yard for fleas, or you can do it yourself. If you go the DIY route, be aware that there is an alternative to the traditional chemical pesticide sprays and fumigators, which is to use a natural substance known as diatomaceous earth – but be sure to use the food-grade version, which is safe if ingested.

 How Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Works

Food grade diatomaceous earth is fossilized algae. It comes in powder form, and it works by naturally dehydrating fleas when they come in contact with it, usually within 72 hours' time. The powder can be sprinkled on carpeting and animal bedding, where it will remain effective for up to 9 months. It can also be spread in outdoor areas and rubbed into the fur of your dog or cat, as well as any other household pets you may have. Food grade diatomaceous earth can also be added to your pet’s food to control internal parasites.  

 At Awesome Doggies Mobile Grooming, we provide a variety of options when it comes to flea control, giving our clients the opportunity to make an informed decision on the best type of treatment for their pets. Similarly, when cleaning your home of fleas, we’d like you to know that there is a natural alternative in the form of diatomaceous earth.




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