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Fun Ways to Cool Off Your Hot Dog

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Having a thick coat of fur is no walk in the park, especially during summer. Even in milder, ocean climates like in San Diego summer temperatures get high enough to cause problems for your dog.

Dogs (and cats) dissipate heat by panting, which requires physical exertion. As temperatures rise, so does the panting and the physical exertion, making it hard if not impossible to maintain a safe internal temperature. The situation is even more difficult for pets with compromised upper airways like bulldogs and other “squished face” dogs.

When dogs are unable to cool themselves or when they generate more heat through exhaustion, they may fall victim to heat stoke. As dog owners, we want to help keep our pets safe from harm, especially the hidden dangers of over heating.

Here are great ways to help your dog stay cool and safe:

Have your pet stay inside on a hot day. What dog does not love a cool kitchen floor on a summer day? Even if your dog loves the outdoors, staying inside during the hottest part of the day can help make sure that their core temperature stays within reason.

Dog-Playing-in-SummerSave outdoor play for mornings and evenings. Of course your dog wants and loves exercise, but saving it for the cooler times of morning and evening will help them stay cool. It will also allow you to extend exercise time as they can go longer before getting too hot. 

Provide shade whenever possible. If you must be outside find as many shady places as possible for your pet to rest and cool down. 

While we all love to have our pets with us whenever possible, on hot days leave them home. You can always regulate your home temperature, but you may not have that opportunity when you are out and about with your dog. 

Make sure your pet has plenty of water. Hydration is a key to staying cool and healthy. Try floating an ice cube or two in the dish to keep it cool and add interest.

Provide cool treats. Dogs love frozen fruits and vegetables and using them as a treat can help cool them down. Try giving your pup frozen chicken or beef broth cubes for an extra special treat!

If your pet likes to play in water, provide a time of fun in a small plastic pool, hose, or sprinklers. The water play will cool them off, and tire them out!
Get your pet groomed. While shaving your dog's coat may not be necessary, a good professional grooming can help remove excess fur. Shaving the tummy is often a great solution to help your dog feel cooler without compromising the look of their beautiful fur coat.  

Even in mild climates the dog days of summer can be just too much for our beloved pups. Overheating can happen in minutes, so take care to keep your pet cool.

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