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Find A Dog Groomer Who Leads the Pack

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Nothing is too good for your fur baby.  So when it's time for your dog's dreaded bath or grooming, settling for less than the best just isn't acceptable.  Dogs are family members and for many parents alike, making sure that your dog has a comfortable and positive grooming experience is of the utmost importance. There are always many dog groomers to choose from but finding the right one isn't always an easy task.  If you have to find a shop groomer because there is no mobile service available in your area, here are five characteristics that will help you find a great dog groomer.  

Experience and Skills

Has your groomer received proper training?  Dogs, like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments.  A skilled dog groomer is well-versed in all things dog and can tackle whatever client comes his or her way regardless of coat type or skin condition.  Additionally, some groomers may even be more experienced in handling aggressive or fearful dogs. In California, there are no certifications that a groomer must achieve before taking on clients; however, you can help mitigate the risk by discussing a groomer's background and experience. If a grooming business has nothing to hide, they will gladly share that information with you.

Facility Setup and Cleanliness

You wouldn't drop your child off at a new school without actually visiting it first, so why would it be any different for your fur child? It's important to tour a facility before booking an appointment to see if the workplace is sanitized properly, has good lighting, and smells and looks clean. Is the equipment in good shape or has it seen better days? Does the facility use cage dryers or will your dog be hand-dried? Cage dryers are very risky to use as they must be monitored closely to make sure that your pet does not overheat or become stressed.  A blow dry and brush out on a table is always ideal.  If you're going to use a mobile groomer, check referrals from friends and review sites, and ask to check out the salon before your appointment begins.
Compassion and Passion

A good dog groomer will be passionate about what they do.  Does the groomer seem cheerful and excited or act disinterested and unfriendly?  Watch how the groomer greets your dog at the first appointment.  Your dog's sixth sense will kick in and let you know if that individual is the right fit. It will also be immediately obvious if the groomer truly likes dogs or not.  Compassion is also critical especially in the case of special needs or elderly dogs.  How do they handle dogs during the grooming process?  A good dog groomer won't rush the visit and will make sure that the entire experience is positive, especially for those pets who are a little fearful in new surroundings.

Asks Questions

As a good fur parent you will make sure to ask a lot of questions, but does the groomer ask questions of you as well?  A responsible and proactive groomer should find out all he or she can about your pet: How old is your dog?  Does your dog have any health issues?  Is your dog friendly with other dogs or more aloof? Has your dog ever had a bad experience with a groomer? Are there certain areas that your dog does not like being handled during grooming?  An inquisitive groomer sends the right message that customer service is a top priority.


Be sure to research more information about the dog grooming business you are considering. Find out how long it has been around and what people say about it in online reviews.  Is the business associated with the Better Business Bureau and if so, what kind of rating has it received?  Does it rely heavily on marketing or does it drum up business through word-of-mouth and referrals?  A good reputation speaks volumes.

At Awesome Doggies, we pride ourselves on treating your dog like our own. If your circumstances change in the future and you would like to experience all the benefits that mobile grooming has to offer, please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you!
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