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Eleven Extra Tips to Prep Your Pet Sitter

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Planning a trip without your furry family members?  If Fido & Fluffy will be staying home with a pet sitter, there is much to consider beyond basic instructions for food and water. Here are some of our favorite tips to help your pet sitter provide the best possible care for your dogs and cats while you are away.

  1. Leave a credit card number and authorization with your vet so the sitter would be able to pay for care for any emergency.
  2. Give your sitter two sets of keys- one to use and the second to keep at her home as a backup.
  3. Write up a release document regarding what should be done with your pet, keys and residence in case something happens to you while you are out of town.
  4. Make a list of your baby’s unusual habits and favorite secret hiding places.
  5. Buy some new toys and treats for the sitter to use to cheer up your pet if Fido becomes lonely while you are away.
  6. Leave detailed written instructions on any medicines, even if you tell your pet sitter verbally how it’s administered.
  7. Let your vet know in advance that you will be out of town and that a pet sitter will be caring for your pets. Many pet sitters will have you fill out a form detailing the type of care you'd like your pet to receive if you cannot be reached.
  8. Most pet sitters will require you to complete a veterinary release form. However, it's also a good idea to tell your vet who will be caring for your pets while you're away. This is especially important if your pet has a health condition that needs to be watched.
  9. For dogs that stay outdoors, secure the yard and lock any gates.
  10. If you rent, give your landlord your pet sitter's name in case of emergency. Give your pet sitter the landlord's name as well.
  11. If you will not be able to be contacted while you're gone, be sure to provide the name and phone number of someone who will be able to make decisions on your behalf.


Give your pet some extra hugs and kisses, and then have a wonderful trip, secure in the knowledge that your pets will be safe, comfortable, and well cared for during your absence.  


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