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Elderly Dogs Appreciate Mobile Grooming

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Pet Grooming for Senior Dogs

elderly-dog-needs-groomingProper grooming is essential to senior dogs, not only to keep them looking great, but to keep them safe and healthy, too. However, grooming senior dogs presents a unique set of challenges associated with caring for an aging pet.

Just like humans, a pet's needs and abilities change with age. While they may need even more help with grooming than they once did, their ability to tolerate grooming decreases. Your dog might have problems with incontinence, vision, or senility. He might be less mobile, have problems with arthritis, or be less tolerant of temperature changes. Many dogs become more fearful as they age. Just like people, a dog's skin also becomes thinner and more easily damaged with age. All of these issues can add up to the grooming process becoming very difficult for your pet. Mobile grooming is often the answer to challenges associated with keeping an older pet clean and cute.

senior-dog-waiting-for-groomingGrooming Takes Endurance

Grooming takes tolerance and endurance for any dog, but especially the elderly. Older, mobility-compromised pets have a more difficult time standing and finding comfortable positions, especially during grooming. Even if your dog has tolerated a good old fashioned suds and rinse outside with the hose for its entire life, it may not be able to handle this approach in its older adult life. In fact, it's probably a lot more difficult and uncomfortable than they are able to express. Cold water from the hose can aggravate arthritic joints,  and skin can become irritated or damaged from improper products or grooming practices.

Grooming Solutions For Elderly Dogs

While humans can make adjustments to meet their own needs, our dogs depend on us to make those necessary changes in their care. Consider these changes to keep them comfortable and prevent injuries:


  • Use warm water instead of cold.
  • Try shampoo and conditioning  products made for more sensitive skin.
  • Use caution when using a stiff brush or comb.
  • Provide reassurance.
  • Keep nails trimmed so the  pet is less  likely to slip.
  • Use the grooming process to check for abnormal skin coloration, cuts, or growths.
  • Provide a soft, safe grooming surface.

Mobile Grooming Services for Elderly Dogs

mobile-grooming-for-elderly-dogsGrooming is important to your senior dog, but sometimes the process gets difficult to handle for the owner, and for the pet. One of the best ways to help your older dog get the care they need by using a mobile grooming service. Mobile pet groomers come to you and your pet, eliminating the need of a stressful or even painful ride to the groomer's service location. Since mobile pet groomers are trained to care for the special needs of all pets, they make the grooming process fast and safe for the pet, so they are better able to endure the process.

At Awesome Doggies Mobile Grooming, we care for elderly pets like our own family and provide for all of their special needs. 

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