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Easy Steps to Prevent Your Dog from Becoming Lost

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-that-might-become-lostHaving your dog become lost is a heartbreaking experience, but it does happen. Dogs are natural explorers and, quick as a flash, use any opportunity to get out. As much as we would like to, we can't completely prevent our dogs from becoming lost, short of making our home a fortress. We can however, take steps to increase pet safety and reduce the chances of them becoming separated.

Eliminate Opportunities in the Yard

One of the easiest ways of doing that is eliminating the opportunities. Make sure you have a secure
gate and yard. If your dog digs, try placing decorative rock borders at the fence-line. Consider adding self-closing devices to doors and gates. If you have more than one gated entrance to your backyard, try using only one designated exit and entrance to avoid missing an open gate being noticed.

Have Your Pet Secured During Opportune Times

Have a leash handy by the door and hold or otherwise secure your dog when guests enter or leave.

Avoid Boredom and Inactivity

Remember, loneliness and boredom lead to mischievousness so avoid leaving your dog alone for extended periods of time. Make sure your pet gets daily exercise and has plenty of toys to keep them bust while you are away.


Work with Their Natural Instincts

Temper those natural urges by providing toys that satisfy the need to chase, hunt, or chew. Take
your dog on walks and vary the course so it encounters new smells and sights. Consider providing time with other dogs to satisfy the need to be part a pack.

Get Geared Up

Finally, make sure your dog has a properly fitting harness and collar when you go in public. Take
extra care when in unfamiliar places by assuring you are in control at all times and avoid situations
that are too frightening or stressful.

Prevention is the first step towards avoiding disaster. Read our blog post listing common reasons why dogs become lost, and check out Missing Pet Partnership's article for even more advice on prevention and how to prepare in the event that your dog does become lost.

With conscious effort it is possible to remove many of the elements that lead to dogs getting separated from their owners. Even with our best efforts however, it still can happen. If your dog does become lost, read Petfinder's comprehensive article on how to find you lost pet. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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