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Don't Let Their Puppy Eyes Win You Over

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-begging-for-foodIt is a well-known fact that dogs love to eat people food. Or at least they think they want to. They are so cute, and can have the saddest puppy dog eyes, that it’s sometimes beyond tempting to give our fur babies the food they are begging for. But some human foods are toxic to dogs, and others are unexpectedly dangerous. Here are some foods that you may not know you need to keep your pet away from.


While you may give your cat an occasional bowl of milk, it’s not such a good idea for your pooch. Humans have an enzyme that breaks down the lactose in milk, but dogs lack that enzyme. Milk can give a dog severe diarrhea and just generally cause upset their intestines. Err on the side of caution and only give your dog water to drink. If you are hand raising young puppies, consult your vet for an appropriately formulated substitute for their mother's milk. 


Some people think it's funny, but I personally don’t, to give their dogs a beer. Alcohol affects animals much more quickly than it does humans because of their smaller body size. Why take the chance just to have a laugh at your dog's expense? Too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning, and even death.


Bones are tricky. Dogs love them of course. Large raw beef bones are often fed as part of raw diets or as a special treat, and there is little concern about the safety of doing that. Cooked bones, even of large animals, are more likely to splinter than raw, so some caution may be warranted there. However, where you really need to be sure to say, "no" to your pooch is when it comes to chicken bones. The smaller, finer (and often more hollow) bones of birds are highly prone to splintering when crunched, especially when cooked. Imagine the distress of getting a splinter of chicken or turkey bone caught in your pet’s throat. Bone splinters can even put a hole in their digestive track, which is agonizing and life threatening. Scary stuff.


Potato chips are for humans not animals. One or two potato chips on occasion won’t hurt; but make sure there is no chance your dog can "overdose" on salty foods. Too many holidays have ended in sadness after a dog stole and devoured the ham from the family dinner table. Too much salt can result in dehydration, high temperatures, vomiting, tremors, and eventually death in dogs. If your dog is sneaky or adventurous, you'll want to be extra vigilant about keeping salty food out of reach. 


I think by now every dog owner has probably heard that it's not good to feed chocolate to dogs. While a 10 pound dog would have to eat a whole chocolate bar to become sick, it’s best to err on the side of caution, and just keep chocolate away from your pooch. Save the chocolate for yourself, and give your dog a slice of apple, carrot, or sweet potato. They'll probably like that better anyway, and there will be more chocolate left for you. Now I call that a win-win!

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