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Don't Forget the Paws

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-pawsMost people don’t usually think much about their dog’s paws until the dog is coming in to the house muddy after a romp in the yard. Paws get a lot of action though, so they deserve serious attention. Their condition matters a lot to your companion’s health. A dog’s paws were designed to absorb the impact of walking, running, and jumping while unprotected from the elements. That makes some things a lot better for them now, but it also means there are new considerations.

Paw Considerations Today

The dog’s anatomy has not changed but the way they live in our society has. In the wild, they would have to run and hunt for food and would rarely have time for a relaxing afternoon snooze. Their paws pads would be tough and their nails would be naturally worn down by the rough terrain. Today, dogs don’t do quite as much running, but their paws still need care fit for their lifestyle. For example, without the daily running, their nails may become too long and cause problems in walking and balance which ultimately causes joint and back problems.

their-paws-in-our-handsTheir Paws in Our hands

Anyone who has ever tried knows that dogs don’t generally jump at the opportunity to have people messing around with their paws. It is something you have to help them build up a tolerance to, and then get the job done fast.  
  1. Check the pads cracks and sores. Apply salve or antibiotic to wounds. Seek veterinary care for large wounds and infections.

  2. Check between the toes for stickers, rocks or other debris.

  3. Trim hair between the toes.

  4. Trim the toe nails using proper tools and techniques. 

  5. Apply moisturizer to the pads, massaging the foot. 

Our dogs’ paws go a lot of miles, and great paw care goes a long way in keeping those tails wagging. Contact Awesome Doggies today to schedule your pup’s pedicure!

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