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Doggy Spa Tips: Sharing Manicure Day with Your Dog

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoGetting a manicure is a luxurious and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, whether you do it yourself or go out to a salon to have it done professionally. Of course, you're not the only one who enjoys spa days! Your dog can have just as much fun having her paws massaged, clipped, filed, and polished just like you do. A lot of dog moms are sharing the delights of a good manicure with their furry companions - from the pre-treatment soak to drying the top-coat - and you can do that for your fur baby too. Your dog is sure to love all that extra attention and love -and if you do it yourself, it's one more thing that deepens your bond. Of course, because dog nails are not like human nails, giving a great doggy manicure means knowing what you're doing. You'll need to clip their nails carefully, file away the sharp edges, and use a dog-safe polish in case they chew or lick their paws afterward.

Step 1) The Spa Soak

Just like people nails, your dog's nails will be easier to clip and work with once they've softened in a delightful spa soak. While warm water will do, mixing a bit of essential or bath oils into the solution adds to the feeling of luxury and will make both your hands and her paws smell lovely for the rest of your spa time. You can soak for anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on how long your furry friend is willing to hold still with their paws in a warm, fragrant tub or dish. If soaking doesn't quite work for them, you can always just start with a bath - where their feet get wet as part of the process. 

Step 2) Careful Trimming

Clipping dog nails is often the most challenging part of good grooming because unlike people nails, there is living, sensitive tissue in the core. Because of this, many dogs are nervous about getting their nails trimmed. To do this right, you might want to try the kind of nail clippers with a small plate on one side which acts as a nail-stopper, helping you to not cut too far up the nail, reducing the chances that you'll hit the quick. If you're as nervous as your fur baby about this procedure, you can always ask your groomer to show you how and get some extra advice based on their familiarity with your pet.

Step 3) Filed to Perfection

Once the nails are clipped there may be a few sharp edges. To make sure your pet and your carpets are both safe, use either an emery board or electric file to gently round each of your dog's nails at the edges. This is a great time for extra scruffles between nails to assure your pet that the filing is a fun and social process.


Step 4) Doggy Polish

Now you're ready to choose your polish color. You can match your pet, contrast stylishly, or let them choose their favorite color. The most important thing is that you use a dog-safe nail polish just in case your fur baby decides to lick or chew at their paws in the next week or so. Nail polish formulated for dogs usually dries more quickly than the stuff we use on ourselves, so that helps too. When you've made a selection, cradle the paw gently and apply polish two to five quick strokes of the brush to each clipped and filed nail. If your dog is very patient, you might even be able to draw a quick pattern on each one. (Good luck with that!)

Finally, take a few minutes to snuggle together as the polish dries. This is the perfect time for cool drinks, tasty snacks, and a little soothing entertainment. When you're all done, it may be time go for a walk to show off those beautiful new nails.

At Awesome Doggies, we love to bring you new ways to relax with your favorite fur babies. For more great doggie spa ideas or to bring out our mobile grooming service to your home, contact us today!

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