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Doggie Breath? No Problem.

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-with-bad-breathIf your dog has it, you just can’t miss it. Doggie bad breath is a problem that we reluctantly accept as part of having our furry family member. But bad breath, known as halitosis, is the buildup of  decaying bacteria in the mouth that produces the famously foul odor—and it is something that can be treated and improved.

We Recommend PlaqueClnz For Doggie Breath and Brighter Smiles

One product that we recommend to help doggie breath is called PlaqClnz. PlaqClnz is an oral product that goes to the bacterial source and eliminates the plaque and tartar that cause bad breath. PlaqClnz spray and gel is the only alcohol free pet oral care product available. The product does not require brushing, so it is ideal for reluctant pups, or one’s whose mouth and gums are already compromised by some decay.

While PlaqClnz can’t fix decay, it can help keep a healthy mouth healthy, and help slow any additional damage. The product contains natural ingredients including Zinc complex, which in addition to stopping the formation of bacteria that causes odor, also stops tartar formation and aids in healing soft tissue such as gums.

Why We love It

We are often asked for recommendations, and why we love certain products. As professional pet groomers, we’ve tried many products and only use the safest, most efficient and effective products on the market. Rather than keep you guessing, we want to save you time and money and offer what we have learned. PlaqClnz is one of our favorite products, and here’s why:

  • The ingredients are safe
  • Includes Zinc (which kills bacteria and aids in healing) and Taurine (an amino acid)
  • Non-invasive to use
  • Pain-free application
  • Taste-free and well-tolerated
  • Interferes with plaque and tartar formation when used regularly
  • Ease of use means pet parents can continue regular care at home which reduces the risk of tooth and mouth problems.
  • Whitens and brightens teeth with regular use
  • Helps mouths stay fresher longer

More About Dog Breath


The most common cause of doggie breath is dental or gum disease. Certain dogs, especially small breeds are even more susceptible a buildup of plaque and tartar which causes bad breath. But never assume that bad breath is just an issue with the teeth or gums. It can also indicate other problems in the intestinal track, liver, or a need for professional dental care. If your dog has persistent bad breath, we highly recommend taking your furry family member for a visit to the vet. With a physical examination, and maybe lab work if necessary, veterinarians can rule out any serious underlying health issues that need attention.

In most cases, bad breath is simply a matter of bacterial growth in the mouth. When that is the case, PlaqClnz is one of the most effective products we have found, and it is the secret behind those bright smiles you see after a great grooming session! If you have questions about any of the products we use, feel free to contact us!

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