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Dog Parks Benefit The Community, Not Just Dogs

Posted by Awesome Doggies

When most people think about the advantages of dog parks, they think of the advantages to the dog. Admittedly, it is like a sensory amusement park for Rover, with the freedom to jump, prance, bark, and sniff to their heart’s content. In our awesome adventures serving the pets of San Diego we have found that dog parks, however, also serve a greater good to the community.

dog-park-benefitsPromote Responsible Dog Ownership (or Caretakership)

Caring for a dog is not an easy task. Having a local dog park supports families with dogs by giving them the space they need for responsible dog ownership. Having a designated park means owners are most likely to take dogs the dog park to play versus other areas less appropriate for pets. It also means the dog is getting enough exercise and activity which makes it a friendlier and happier dog, and more able to adapt to others within the community.

Dog Parks Make Canine Community Members Happy

A happy dog is a good dog. A dog that has an opportunity to romp and play is less likely to have excess energy for barking, roaming, and other nuisance dog behaviors.

dog-at-dog-parkDog Parks Promote Community Interaction

Having a safe place to take the canine member of the family means people get out and socialize with like-minded community members of all ages that may never have known each other otherwise. This strengthens community bonds. For seniors, it provides a space to allow their dog to run without the owner having to walk too far or walk alone.

Provides and Already Designated Space for Pet Services and Events

Dog parks serve as the perfect event space for shot and licensing clinics and other pet events, such as adoption events, training sessions, or pet contests. Dog parks are already pet friendly and designed to accommodate pet needs with fenced areas, pet water fountains, and plenty of benches for owners. This makes them an excellent choice for events that need to accommodate many people as well as many dogs.

dogs-at-playHaving People Outside and Visible Reduces Crime

Getting people outside is always better for the community. A constant visible presence reduces crime rates in the immediate area.

We hear so many of our customers rave about their local dog parks. The advantages to our favorite pups are obvious as we get them all sudsy after a day of frolicking with their friends at the dog park — they have fun all over them! Equally as important is the benefit we see to the entire community. Nothing makes us happier than seeing happy people with happy pets. To get your pup prepped for their next dog park visit, contact us at Awesome Doggies for a mobile grooming appointment.

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