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Dog Grooming Questions: Asked and Answered

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoOwning a dog is one of the greatest treasures in life, but simply buying or adopting a pup doesn't automatically make you an expert on dog care. There are still several questions most dog owners ask themselves months after adding their four-legged friend to their family. Grooming questions are extremely common, and because these questions sometimes go unanswered dogs don't always get the proper grooming care they deserve. If you're a dog owner and you have questions about your dog's grooming needs or grooming procedures, take a look at the list below for answers and helpful advice. 

Should I Bathe my Dog Between Grooming Appointments? 

Bathing your dog between grooming appointments isn't necessary if you schedule regular visits. If you wait a longish while between grooming sessions, though, then you might want to bathe your dog at home. Our best tip? We recommend brushing your dog before putting him in the tub -- this helps prevent the mats and knots in your dog's fur from getting that much tighter. When brushing be careful to brush every layer of your dog's fur, not just the top coat. The lower layers are where knots start, so it's important not to skip these areas. Don't brush too hard, though, or you'll give your dog brush burn. Also, while bathing, make sure that water and shampoo stay out of your dog's eyes and ears.  Nothing to it!

How Old Should a Dog be Before They Get Groomed?

Pups under three months of age are best groomed at home. Once they've had all their vaccinations, that's when we recommend their first visit with a professional groomer. The first appointment should ideally be all about finding out how much fun a grooming session can be, and not about how cute your pup can look. Too many pups have a scary experience the first time in the grooming salon - after all there is a lot going on they have to get used to.  If you keep your priority on helping them adjust to the process and people, that will prevent a lot of unwanted stress later on down the road. Let the groomers hold your pup and talk to him as they introduce your dog to the noises and vibrations that accompany the grooming process. Try a quick, gentle bath. As time goes on you can introduce your dog to the more advanced aspects of grooming, such as nail filing and cleaning the ears. By the time your dog needs a full-service grooming appointment he'll be completely used to the process. This will make the process much easier on you and especially on him. Not to mention your groomers. 

Why is Removing my Dog's Hair Mats so Important? 

When your dog's fur becomes matted it does more than just look messy. It causes your dog discomfort and eventually pain. Ouch! Imagine your hair being pulled up and sideways at the same time, constantly. The longer your dog's fur stays matted the worse the problem gets. It's important to schedule an appointment to remove hair mats sooner rather than later so your dog isn't walking around in constant pain. Between visits, try to prevent your dog's fur from becoming matted by brushing your dog frequently, and making more frequent appointments if necessary. We can also clip a long coat shorter, which will make it much easier to maintain, requiring much less brushing. Dogs with long or thick hair are especially susceptible to matting and should be taken to the groomers more often than others. 

My Dog Doesn't Have Fleas, so Why is He Scratching? 

A vet visit may be in order - itching happens for many reasons, and can be hard to track down. One very common reason a dog continuously scratches is dry skin. If you've ever suffered from dry, cracking skin you know that it can be extremely uncomfortable. Dry skin can be caused by many different things, such as excessive bathing (your once month grooming appointment is not the problem!), a dry climate, nutritional deficiency, or the wrong kind of shampoo. Talk to your groomer about shampoo and moisturizing suggestions. There are several good brands of dog shampoo that are designed to help repair and moisturize dry skin. Remember to never use human shampoo on your dog.


How do I Get my Dog to Stand Still While I Brush Him? 

The best way is to introduce your dog to grooming at a decently early age. The sooner they become used to the brushing process the better they'll handle it. Still, even if your dog is older, you can ease his fear and restlessness over time. Start slow. That's the best advice with anything new. Sit with your dog, pat him, and speak in a soothing tone. Once he's comfortable, begin brushing. Do a small section first, starting with the back. If your dog gets too restless, stop, and calm him down again by petting him and telling him everything's ok. Don't try to brush your dog's entire coat that day. Just try to make progress. Once you're done give your dog a treat as a reward. Try again the next day or the day after. Continue this process until your dog sits still for an entire brushing. Remember to never scold your dog during this process as it will only increase his fears and anxiety.  

There's a lot that goes into grooming, which is why getting your dog professionally groomed is always a good idea. Having a highly trained, well-prepared groomer to make your dog feel safe and comfortable during the process is important. Their knowledge of what needs to be done based on your dog's breed and age will go a long way to keep your dog looking and feeling his best. We, at Awesome Doggies, go above and beyond to make sure your dog feels safe and secure and that he's treated with loving kindness the entire time. We offer more than just standard grooming, providing services that make your dog's grooming appointment feel like a day at the spa. So, if you want a high-quality grooming experience for your pet, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend soon.

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