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Dog Days of Summer: 5 Simple and Summery Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Him

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoThe dog days of summer are at their peak. Use these 5 simple and summery ways to get the most out of the rest of summer for both you and your favorite furry friend!

Whip up a batch of delicious pup-sicles

A sunny day calls for a popsicle and your dog has proven many times that he agrees. Instead of having your pup sneak up and stake claim on your popsicle, whip up a batch of pup-sicles. These good-for-him treats are a guilt-free way to help your dog enjoy summer safely. And while you will have to hold the pup-sicle for him, the love you’ll get in return will be well worth it.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of chopped fresh fruit
  • 1 tablespoon molasses
  • 4 cups of water
  • Popsicle sticks and molds 

How to do it:

Add the tablespoon of molasses to your water and mix until it dissolves. Next, pour in the chopped fresh fruit, sans seeds, into the mixture.  Freeze and enjoy! (Pssst… these aren’t only good for your pooch, but they are good for you too!)

*Helpful hint: If you want to avoid the sticky mess of feeding Fido, hold the pup-sicle up using a wet washcloth for easy clean up. Alternatively, you can freeze the pops without a stick and place it in a bowl. However, this can get kind of frustrating for some dogs so use your best judgement.

Offer chilled water to your dog when you can

Ice cold water is always a treat on a hot day. When possible, chill water (no ice please) in a jug. Use this to fill your dog’s bowl. For long trips, carry bottled water in a cooler. 

Head to the shoreline

The beach, both lake and sea, are scientifically good for you and your dog too. At the beach, breathing in salt air can ease asthmatic conditions and respiratory distress. Likewise, the sand beneath your toes and the rush of the water has been shown to lower blood pressure and ease stress. As if you needed a good reason to set out for the shore!

*Helpful Hint: While your pet would LOVE to jump into the water… it isn’t always a safe bet. Always bring your leash along. Consider your longest leash to make running on the beach feel like a more freeing experience for him. If you have one, choose a harness feature. Also be sure to bring a long a Frisbee or ball to soften the blow of “No swimming.” (Yeah, I're headed to Dog Beach and you're going to run free and have a blast, despite Mom's best advice to 'be careful.')  

Make a weekend-project dog bed with a summertime vibe

Pinterest is filled with tons of great ideas for summery dog beds but that doesn’t mean that you cannot dream up a bed idea of you own. From an old suitcase packed with padding to a padded pallet designed with fun, decoupaged pics of you and your pet on vacation, a summer bed is super simple to dream up.

Take him swimming

For summer fun… just add water. Your dog is hardwired to love the water – especially if he is a hunting breed. A pool is a safer bet than the ocean. If your apartment does not have a pool, consider a kiddy pool for your balcony. 

Whether you take your pup for a swim or treat him to a new bed, summer is the perfect time to bond with your pet and soak up the sunshine as a team. Speaking of soaking, if you need any help with that – you know, the dog bathing kind, give us a call because summer is also a great time to look tip-top from, well, tip-top… to tip-tail.
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