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Even Good Dogs Can Have Bad Breath

Posted by Awesome Doggies

good-dogs-can-have-bad-breathDoes your dog have such bad breath that even kids shy away from him? If you can't stand to get near your family pet because their doggie breath is so awful, then it's time to do something about it. Figuring out the source of the problem is a good place to start.

One reason your dog has bad breath could be as simple as what he puts in his mouth. From dead animals, to rotten garbage, to poop from the cat’s litter box, there are tons of stinky, disgusting things that your dog is probably willing and even eager, to eat. Bad breath from eating yucky stuff tends to come and go, based on how often and when your dog ingests the offending item. You can improve this type of dog breath by restricting your pet’s access to stinky stuff. If your dog is eating poop, pick up dog waste as soon as possible. If your dog thinks it’s neat to rummage in the cat’s litter box for snacks (eww), move it to a location your dog can’t reach. If you dog continues to find poop somewhere, try adding pineapple or meat tenderizer to your pet food. Dogs hate the taste, and usually won't eat poop tainted with these flavors. You can also find supplements at local pet stores that work the same way.  

If your dog’s breath seems to be constantly horrible, then take a good, long look at his teeth. Puppy teeth should be pearly white, and even the teeth of older dogs should be mostly bright white. Teeth that are yellowed or brown, or white teeth that have brown or black rings at the base are an indication that your dog’s oral health needs attention.


If your dog's teeth look anything like the picture on the left , professional dental care is definitely needed, and will likely help considerably with the bad breath issue. Your dog may simply need to have plaque buildup on their teeth scaled off, or the problem could be more severe. Your vet can provide an evaluation. Just like people, dogs get cavities, broken teeth, and abscesses that require root canals. Your vet can fix all these things while your dog is under local anesthesia. Once your dog’s teeth are clean and healthy, you can help keep them that way by brushing or wiping with a wet washcloth on a regular basis. Here are some tips on how to get started brushing your dog's teeth. Plenty of dog treats, supplements, and even chew toys are sold on the basis of being helpful in keeping dogs teeth clean, but really, brushing or wiping their teeth regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep your dog’s breath under control.

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