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Does My Dog Have a Thing for My Feet?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-sitting-at-feetHave you ever wondered why your dog is determined to sit on your feet, as soon as you sit down in your chair, or even while you are standing? Believe it or not, it's not just because they want to put your feet to sleep; there are other reasons, some of them good, some not so good. The reason that a dog sits on your feet has a lot to do with the temperament of the dog itself. From loving dogs to nervous dogs, they all have a reason for doing what they do. The question is, do you mind, and if so, can you live with it?

Dominant dogs will sit on their owner's feet as a way of pinning them down. This is his way of asserting himself over you, and showing that he is in control. Then there are dogs that just crave attention and love to be touching someone. These dogs are usually just looking for a way to be close to you, and sitting on your feet gives them the physical contact that they crave.

dog-sitting-on-feetBelieve it or not, dogs suffer from separation anxiety just like humans do. If you are working odd hours, or are gone for long periods of time, then your dog may be trying to stay close to you, because he is trying to keep you from leaving again. This type of dog is looking for comfort, and some dogs just love to be near their owners.

The one time that you may have a problem is if your dog is jealous and is sitting on your feet as a way to show ownership. This may cause you a problem when it comes to spouses, other pets, and even your own children and is a behavior that needs to be stopped right away.

If the reason seems harmless, and if you like your dog sitting on your feet, then there is no problem; however, if you would prefer for your dog not to be right up under you at all times, then you will need to teach him otherwise. Be patient but firm – old habits are hard to break.

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