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DIY Dog Grooming Basics

Posted by Awesome Doggies

San Diego dogs get dirty quickly. Really quickly. After all, when you live in such a beautiful place getting out and getting dirty is hard to resist; even if you have just been freshly groomed. Every so often pet parents ask us here at Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming for basic dog grooming tips so they can keep their dog ship shape between our mobile pet grooming appointments. Today, we’d love to oblige you with some easy DYI dog grooming tips.

DIY-dog-groomingAt Home Grooming Tips


Regular bathing is important because it helps to keep the coat in good condition and free from dirt and parasites. It also helps reduce odors. When bathing, remember these things:

  • When possible, use warm water so it is more comfortable for your dog.
  • Bathe on a non-skid surface.
  • Use shampoo that is appropriate to the dog’s need, skin type, coat type.
  • Avoid getting shampoo in your dog’s eyes, nose, moth, and ears.
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Dry thoroughly to avoid problems such as causing rotting and skin irritations.



Brushing helps remove dirt, distribute oils, and reduce shedding and matting. It is important to brush your dog’s coat regularly between mobile grooming appointments. Brushing regularly can also help improve precious pup’s circulation and help you detect fleas and ticks.

  • Use a brush that is appropriate to your dog’s coat type and length.
  • A dog with a combination coat will need more than one type of brush or comb.
  • Avoid tugging on tangles as it will damage their sensitive skin.
  • Never brush so firmly that it causes damage to the skin.

Nail Care

Overgrown nails can cause hip and back problems. Long nails can also become caught on carpeting or other obstructions and slit, broken, or torn away.

  • Do nails on a nonskid surface.
  • Avid clipping nails to the “quick”.

dog-groomerEar Care

Proper ear care is part of a great overall dog care regime. Some pets, like those with longer fur and ears, are more susceptible to wax build up, foul odors, and fungal infections may need their ears cleaned more frequently than others.

  • Talk to your veterinarian before starting an ear care routine.
  • Use recommended solutions when cleaning your dog’s ears.
  • Massage the ear to disperse the cleaning solution.
  • Allow your pet to shake his head to remove the fluid.
  • Absorb excess ear cleaning solution with a cotton ball.
  • Contact your vet if you notice excessive head shaking, ear scratching, or head tilting.

Hair Clipping and Trimming

Trimming a dogs coat can be a tricky process and can become dangerous for your pet if they are afraid or if you are inexperienced. Trim your dog’s hair with great care. Use only tools meant for dog grooming. Make sure the area in which you are trimming is comfortable and has a nonskid surface. Choose a spot that can restrict movement and provide security to your dog.

Proper grooming is important to your dog’s health. Now that you have mastered the basics, you can tackle the task with confidence between professional mobile pet grooming appointments. If the task becomes too much, don’t worry. We are just a phone call away.

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