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Dealing with Knotty Cats

Posted by Awesome Doggies

knotty-catMost cats probably like to think of themselves as visions of royal perfection, and we are their loyal attendants.The truth is most of them can get a little knotty. And yes, we mean naughty as well. In mobile cat grooming, we see a lot of cats that have problems with matting and lots of pet parents wondering what they can do. 

At Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming, we are always ready to help with answers to your dog and cat grooming questions and know that dealing with matting is one of your biggest concerns. Matting can happen quickly, and not just in long-haired cats. Though double-coated breeds, such as Persians, are most susceptible to matting, any cat can get them.

What Causes Matting

Lots of things can contribute to matting such as the type of fur; the cat’s grooming habits, whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat, even the cat’s diet, health or age. Cats can even get mats when you brush them regularly if the brush is not the right one for their type of coat or only skims the surface of the fur. 

What is Matting

Matting occurs when the cats shed their fur and that fur gets caught up in the new growth. The little tangle then traps the moisture from the cat’s saliva, dust and debris which accelerates the matting. Soon more shed fur is added to the mix until it is a hard painful mass of fur that is pulling on the cat’s tender skin. 

knotty-cat-that-shedsDealing with Matting

The best way to deal with matting is to prevent it, of course. Ask your groomer about what kind of brush and comb you should be using between cat grooming appointments and for tips specific to your cat’s fur type. Alternately, ask your mobile groomer to give your long-haired kitty a haircut. The shorter the hair, the less you will need to brush or deal with matting. Professional groomers have the necessary equipment to safely clip your kitty’s hair. Long-haired cats can either be clipped down to look like a short-haired cat, or they can be shaved into a “lion clip” which gives them velvety fur, close to the skin (almost naked) that requires almost no maintenance until the time for the next clip. 

If your furry friend has a coat that’s prone to matting, you will need to either commit to regular cat brushing with the appropriate tools, or see a groomer regularly (probably monthly for a long-haired cat), or be prepared to work out the tangles yourself.

Here are a few tips on how to go about it: 

  • Be sure the cat is calm before attempting to remove matting.

  • Have the necessary tools handy.

  • Be cautious of the cat’s sudden moves as they can lead to injury (for you as much as for the cat).

  • Separate the matting from the surrounding loose fur.

  • Thick matting may require cutting or shaving – better leave that to the pro’s.

  • Use a salon quality detangling lubricant to soften and loosen the matting.

  • Do not try to comb out a matt. Use a pick to gently loosen the tangled fur. 

Dealing with a knotty kitty isn’t easy. Cats do not stay patient long and can jerk suddenly and unexpectedly while you are working with sharp tools in the middle of thick matting which can lead to injuring the cat. Dematting a cat should always be done with extreme caution and with the right tools.  If you are unsure of how to deal with your cat’s matting, contact Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming service. We will roll out the red carpet and give your cat the royal treatment they know they deserve.

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