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Crazy Things Cats Do

Posted by Awesome Doggies

cat-with-laptopAnyone who lives with a cat will most likely tell you that they didn't choose the cat; the cat chose them. Cats are independent individuals and they don’t mind letting people know it. When a cat moves in, you might as well accept that the cat now owns your home and you are just allowed to live there. Cats are truly superior beings (at least in their own minds), but from the human point of view, they do some pretty crazy things.

Cats and Laptops

A cat will sleep all day long, ignore you when you come home, and act like you aren't even there when you try to pet them. However, decide to get some work done, fire up the laptop, and suddenly right there they are; determined to fill up the entire computer screen with their small furry bodies, ensuring that you get absolutely nothing done. Push them away and they'll come right back - because now they want to be petted.

cat-opening-can Cats and Can Openers

Cats will break their necks -or at least land speed records - to get to the kitchen whenever they detect a can opener going into action. A cat can be in a dead sleep, but open a can, and they will come running. In a cat's world, the can opener means a treat, so you better not use the can opener and then try to feed yourself before putting down something for the cat. The cat rules, and in the cat world, if you get a treat; so does he.

It's a Cat's World


Cats have been known to declare that anything that hits the floor belongs to them. Whether it's your shoes or the lid from the milk carton; if it hits the floor it quickly becomes the cats property, just like everything else in the house…including you.  
Being owned by a cat comes with many fun adventures. As far as we know, there are no scientific explanations for any of these behaviors, it's just, "cats being cats."  Aren't you glad your cat chose you? Tell us some of the crazy things your cat does - we would love to hear about it.


If you are interested in having your "crazy" cat groomed, just give us a call! Awesome Doggies mobile pet grooming does not discriminate: we bathe, brush and beautify felines as well as canines.

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