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Cat Whiskers - Did You Know?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

While most people know to some extent that cat whiskers provide more of a function than just looking adorable, they may not know just how important these whiskers are to our furry little friends. If you are a cat owner, you may notice that when you take your pet to the groomer, they never trim the cat's whiskers, and you also may notice that the whiskers tend to change position from time to time. Cat's whiskers are actually quite amazing, and here are some fun and interesting facts about them.


Mood Detectors

Changes in the position of your cat's whiskers can help you determine just what type of mood they are in. Cats can be enigmatic, and while sometimes you can easily gauge a feline mood by position of the tail & ears, the whiskers give an additional hint to what they are truly feeling. If your cat's whiskers are sticking out to the side, this is an indicator that they are calm and content. If the whiskers are angled back against their cheeks, this indicates that your cat is anxious or afraid. When comparing these subtle positions with the current position of the cat's tail and ears, you can better determine what type of mood they are in, which can help you decide whether to play or move away!

No Matter How Long, Do Not Trim

A cat's whiskers are extremely sensitive, and they also act as a navigation system. Cat's whiskers are typically as long as their body is wide, and this helps them determine if they can fit into certain spots without getting stuck. Trimming the whiskers will cause a disruption in their balance, and it can also be painful to the cat due to the fact that they are so sensitive.

All Whiskers Have a Purpose

Cats also have whiskers on their forelegs and chin, and these whiskers are beneficial in helping the cat in positioning their prey. The whiskers on the forelegs help the cat to determine the specific positions that their favorite toys are in, as well as birds and mice, allowing for them to scoop up their object of affection with one bite or pounce.

Cats and Their Amazing Senses

Cats have a variety of sensory functions, just like humans. By learning more about what makes a cat tick, you will be able to determine if they are happy, scared, or in a state of play, allowing for a whole new method of communication between you and your amazing furry friend.

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