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Cat Aggression: How to Restore Harmony in the Home

Posted by Awesome Doggies

If you have two cats that do not get along, you might wonder how such aloof creatures even care enough to fight. But just like humans, cats don’t always get along.

What Causes Cat Aggression


The reasons cats fight are varied but include many of these elements.

  • It might be that one cat did not receive enough socialization as a kitten.

  • The cat might have had unpleasant experience with another cat earlier in life.

  • The cat might dislike a newcomer.

  • Sharing territory might be difficult for one or both cats.

  • An unneutered cat might be particularly aggressive during mating season.

  • A disruption to routine can cause cats to act out aggressively.

  • Changes in feeding stations can cause fights as the cats have to re-establish whose boss.

  • Even moving a litter box can cause disruption in the social pattern of cats.

  • If one or more of the cats are not feeling well they may fight.

How to Stop Cat Aggression

Look for the signs that lead up to cat conflict and address those needs. Here are some possible solutions:

  • cats-playingConsider establishing separate feeding areas for each cat.
  • Provide plenty of interactive toys.
  • Consider getting the cat spayed or neutered.
  • Reduce fights over territory by making sure cats do not have to share climbing, sleeping, perching, or hiding areas.
  • Re-establish positive interaction by giving treats while cats are together for short controlled periods.
  • Interrupt unacceptable behavior and building tension with a squirt from a squirt bottle or water gun.

Remember; never get in the middle of a cat fight. Cat bites can be quite serious to humans. With some diligence, cats can learn to get along in the vast majority of cases.

For more information on cat aggression, check out these articles:

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