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Mobile Dog Grooming and Royal Rescues

Posted by Awesome Doggies

At Awesome Doggies, we love a great rescue story and as mobile dog groomers, we hear many of them. Truthfully, we've never heard one that didn't absolutely steal our hearts. Today, however, we thought you'd like to hear one of the best.

Alone and Scared

Back in 2015, a beagle was found alone, hungry, and scared in the woods in Kentucky. The good Samaritan that found him looked at his sweet face and wished they could keep him, but could not. So the beagle ended up in a shelter, awaiting adoption.

The days passed and all of the hopeful adopters passed right by the beagle who hid in the back corner of the enclosure. Finally, the sweet, brown-eyed beagle ended up on the euthanasia list.

An Incredible Rescue

Days before the dog was to be put down, Delores Doherty, who runs a Beagle rescue group in Ontario, Canada, called A Dog's Dream Rescue,  contacted the shelter and contracted to take the dog to Canada and find a suitable home. So the dog made the 500-mile trip, still scared, having an unknown future.

Once in Canada, the dog was placed in a small, out of the way, no-kill, adoption center called Pet Valu, in Ontario. Many people visited the center, including a woman who was temporarily working in a town nearby, filming a TV series, Suits. When she saw the beagle, she fell in love and decided that he was the dog for her. She filled out the required paperwork and Doherty, who was unaware of the client's celebrity status, mentioned the required home visit. The client was congenial and said that it will be no problem but they'd need to set an appointment for safety reasons. After more paperwork, Doherty realized who her client was, and after a short adoption process, the pup had a new name, Guy, and a new family, Meghan Markle.

A Royal Affair

Guy's remarkable story doesn't end there. Shortly after, on November 27, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their plans to marry. That same month, a Kensington Palace rep confirmed that Guy had moved to London.

Yes, the dog rescued from the woods of Kentucky was the subject of an official Palace communication.

Since that time, Guy has gotten chummy with the Queen, who happens to be famously in love with dogs, particularly her beloved corgis. Shortly before the wedding, Guy was spotted hitching a ride with her Majesty to go to diner-- as in all fours on the seat, right next to the Queen. The Queen of England. No big deal, but even Meghan has not been spotted alone in a car with the sovereign!  Now, with the pair wed, they are the Duke and Duchess (and dog) of Sussex.

A Most Remarkable Rescue Story

While Guy's rescue story is certainly among the most remarkable, every dog deserves a fairytale ending. If you are looking for a new member to add to your family, we at Awesome Doggies highly recommend rescuing one from a shelter. In San Diego, we are fortunate to have a number of no-kill shelters. There is, however, the option to find a shelter with pets slated for euthanasia, who are perfectly adoptable but for overcrowding.

Choose a Rescue and Save a Life

In our mobile dog grooming journeys, we have had the incredible pleasure of grooming many dogs that have been rescued from the streets or from shelters. Many came from dangerous and neglectful situations and started their new lives a little afraid, especially of new people and situations such as grooming. With a little time and a little extra understanding, became happy and healthy members of the family. The truth is, it really doesn't take much to make your rescue feel royal.

Choosing a furry family member from a shelter can give them, and you the happy ending you've always wanted. At Awesome Doggies, we specialize in mobile dog grooming services and providing the royal treatment for special needs pets. For more information contact us today!

Lazy Days Of Summer? We're Down With That!

Posted by Awesome Doggies

It's summer in San Diego and you are busy! Hopefully, it's a good kind of busy, though. Stuff like Little League, swimming lessons for the little ones, and swim meets. Day trips to the zoo, the beach, or Sea World... if only you didn't have to add work to the mix... 

With all that action, are you wondering how to check a few things off your to-do list? Then, maybe, you can, actually, squeeze in a few, truly, lazy daisy summer days! 

Favorite restaurants that deliver pop up on our phone screens on command. And, thanks to the internet, there's so much more to lighten your load! Nothing beats shopping at your leisure, pool side, in the backyard. Groceries delivered to the parking lot and loaded for you? Better yet... Brought right to your door? Why, yes, please!

And, that's just the beginning! Whatever the errand, a quick search online is the first step to getting it checked off your list in a hurry. You can get a lead on where you're going or find a way to have it come to you!

Take, for instance, your pets... Food, treats, toys, flea control, and many medications can all be purchased online and sent straight to your home. If you could just find a pet salon on wheels, you'd be set in all things pet!

Umm... We're not trying to toot our own horn, here, but... 

Have we ever got that covered!

Our mobile grooming stations are, each, a spa on wheels! Take a virtual tour. You'll see what we mean. Your pet will be enveloped in a calming environment, immediately. Windows encircle the station, flooding it with natural light. The scents of chamomile and lavender, known to be appealing to both, dogs and cats, are, certain, to become scents they associate with a pleasant experience. And, our shampoos not only smell great! They leave your pet feeling softer than ever before.

And, don't think they don't know it! Your pet may, actually, strut back in the door, showing off that new coat. Seriously. It happens!

Maybe, it has something to do with the fact that:

Awesome Doggies groomers are skilled professionals. They are kind and compassionate. They love animals and show it! From bathing to hair cuts, all services are performed by hand. Your pet will feel the love vibe flowing instead of hearing the loud, often, nerve jangling buzz of shears and blow dryers. 

Want the same groomer each time? Just let us know and you will be matched with a groomer that works regularly in your area. There's something to be said for nurturing a true bond. We understand that, totally!

We've been serving pets and their owners in San Diego for over 15 years. Awesome Doggies has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Check out our About Us page. We think you'll like what you see. But, if you're still on the fence, how about $10.00 off your first visit and a free deshedding (a $20.00 value!) package?

We'll take a little extra time at the first appointment to get to know you and your pet. This allows us to give your pet the ultimate grooming experience.

We know you're busy year round. It's the way of the world! We'll help you free up some of your day with the fringe benefit of making your pet feel (and smell!) wonderful.

Actually, let's switch that last sentence up...

We'll make your pet feel wonderful with the fringe benefit of freeing up a huge chunk of your day.

Grooming should never be grueling. Let's think spa. Ahhhh! A relaxing, experience that we, humans, look forward to with anticipation. Our goal is to create that experience for your pet. Every time. Guaranteed.

We'll hope to hear from you today!


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