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The Persian Always Meows Twice

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-cat-grooming-san-diegoPet groomers have to be prepared for surprises and deal with whatever the situation is. Fortunately, we rarely have to deal with as much as Cassie McGlone, the hero of Eileen Watkins' mystery novel, The Persian Always Meows Twice. This book is the start of a series, and it has to be the first mystery series ever with a cat groomer as the detective.

It's not a good start to Cassie's day when she discovers one of her clients has been murdered. The only witness is his cat, Harpo — but like his namesake, he doesn't talk. He also doesn't have anywhere to go, and it could be a long time till the probate court decides who inherits him. Cassie arranges to board Harpo until the matter is settled, only to discover that some scheming relatives really want Harpo. It's not because they're cat lovers, so what is it they're after? On top of all this, her abusive ex-boyfriend has moved into town.

But two things are clear about Cassie. First, she doesn't like it when things don't make sense to her. Second, there's no temptation strong enough to make her endanger a cat's welfare. Together, they mean that she gets into lots of trouble, but she gets out again. She's a realist, even if there's something of a crazy cat lady inside her.

Cozy cats

Aside from being a nice example of the cozy mystery genre, the novel is an interesting look into the world of cat care. Watkins clearly knows her stuff. Some of the cats are as well-drawn as the human characters. Harpo is a charming Persian, but Stormy is quite a challenge to work with. Harpo once had a brother named Groucho, with a mustache to go with the name, but there's a sad story behind that. A whole range of feline personalities shows up in the studio.

Fortunately, Cassie has a degree in psychology, which helps with the cats as much as with their humans. Unfortunately for her — but fortunately for the reader — she has a knack for asking uncomfortable questions. She really doesn't set out to be an amateur detective; it just happens.

The book provides a glimpse into what it's like to care for cats for a living. Some, like Stormy, are hard to handle, but experienced groomers have tricks to manage them. Some are experts at getting loose and heading for the door, but they can't outwit Cassie. She's especially good with the longhairs and manages to get their mats out even when they won't cooperate. In extreme cases, she'll resort to a lion cut. Only with the owner's permission, of course. It grows back quickly enough.

Saying a lot about the mystery itself would be unfair, but it does tie closely to the feline aspects of the story. Harpo is never far from the center of controversy, and another cat becomes a hero in the hour of need. Everything ties nicely together by the end.

Even more cat mysteries

The series is already up to three books. In The Bengal Identity, a large brown cat brought in for boarding turns out to be a valuable Bengal show cat in disguise. In Feral Attraction, Cassie gets involved in a controversy over a feral cat colony. The series is set in New Jersey, where the winters aren't kind to homeless cats. In each book, of course, there's a murder to solve.

Our own lives aren't that exciting, we promise. But if you love cats and enjoy reading fiction that really shows an understanding of them, you should give Watkins' cat-groomer detective a try. All the books are available in paperback and Kindle editions.

If your own cats need grooming, we'll take good care of them. Get in touch with us for details.

3 Don'ts For Bathing Your Dog

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoDepending on the breed and temperament of your dog, bathing can be a difficult process for many pet owners. It's quite common for many dogs to balk at the prospect of being submerged in water in the bathtub or sprayed with water outdoors with the backyard hose. If you are looking to make bath time easier, cleaner, and faster, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will look at three things you shouldn't do if you want you and your dog to enjoy a simpler, neater bath experience.

  1. Don't Bathe Your Dog in The Wrong Area: Obviously, if you have a Doberman, you're not going to be able to bathe them in your kitchen sink and if you have a Pomeranian you want to be extra careful about bathing them in your bathtub (they're just little guys after all, and that big tub can be pretty scary). Pick the appropriate bathing spot for your dog. This could be different for everyone. You might also notice that your medium-sized or larger dog does better when being bathed outdoors with a hose rather than in the bathtub. Pay attention to how your dog behaves during bath time and try different settings until you find the right one for them. 
  2. Don't Neglect Basic Safety: If you routinely bathe your dog in the bathtub, you'll probably need to make sure they aren't slipping the whole time that they are in the tub. Not only does this make bathing more difficult, it puts their safety at risk. Put a non-slip mat in your bathtub so that they have something to grip on to with their paws. If you don't have a mat, you can always lay down an old towel to provide the same level of security. Additionally, some dogs are particularly skittish during bath tub, so for added safety, you might need a second person to help keep your dog steady during bath time. Having a helper by your side is beneficial and that person will also be able to pet your dog and sooth them, thus making them more comfortable during their bath. 
  3. Don't Skip Bathing Steps: Bathing a dog doesn't have to be an arduous process, but you shouldn't try to rush bath time or skip over steps. Once your dog is in their bathing station whether that is the tub or in the backyard by the hose, make sure they have been completely soaked with water (the water should be neither too hot or too cold, so somewhere in the middle). Soak their fur coat, legs, paws, and behind their ears. If you aren't working with a hose or sprayer, carefully pour water over your dog with a bucket. After getting your pup completely wet, start shampooing them with bathing products designed specifically for dogs. Make sure the soap does not enter their eyes and ears. It is best to make sure you adequately protect your dog's eyes and ears before you start bathing. When shampooing your dogs, you could use either a body bar (easier to use for lathering) or liquid shampoo. Most pet grooming professionals would suggest that if you are using liquid shampoo, you combine it with warm water and use that concoction on their skin. This makes it easier to bathe all areas of your pup sufficiently. 

Are you in need of more advice on how to properly bathe your dog? Or do you have a particular question related to grooming? Feel free to contact us today! We are happy to help you keep your furry friend clean and happy. If you're interested in learning about our bathing and grooming services, we'd love to talk to you!


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