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Mobile Pet Grooming 101: The Awesome Doggies Way

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Mobile? Does this have to do with phones and apps? Well, not exactly. Unless you want to call us, mobile pet grooming has nothing to do with your cell-phone, and everything to do with keeping your furry loved ones looking neat, fresh and fabulous! 

Great! But what exactly is mobile pet grooming?

The short story on mobile pet grooming is that it is essentially a professional service we provide via a custom, company van that arrives at your door to take care of your pet and their grooming needs. This is perfect for any family who is on the go, and having difficulty making it to the salon. Our trained, loving experts provide several services that will have your dog or cat feeling pampered and fabulous when it's all over.

What goes into Mobile Pet Grooming?

We provide that Tender Loving Groom your fur kids deserve. A simple bath and haircut only touches the tip of the iceberg regarding what your pup will experience. Here are just some the features our mobile service offer:

Bathing: You can rest assured with our salon that your pet is receiving a top quality bath. We use all natural, biodegradable and cruelty free shampoos, rinsed with a creme conditioner as needed to keep your pup's hair chique, shiny and smooth. 

Berry Facial: Looking for something that your dogs will love? Our berry facial is a gentle massage of easy-on-the-eyes cleanser into your pup's facial hair. A great treat for a good boy!

Feet, Paws & Neatened/Trimmed Nails: Give your pets the mani pedi experience that you enjoy when out with the girls. We trim and clip their nails before moisturizing them for added comfort. 

Blow Drying and Brushing: Make your pet's fur thick and radiant with our manual blow drying and brushing. Done by hand via our trained professionals, we choose an engaging, holistic approach when giving your the very best in grooming.

Haircuts: We provide whatever your pup needs to look good and stay cool. Cuts from the pom pom, English saddle, continental, puppy clip, shave-down and more. 

Special Services: You'll be happy to know that we don't stop at the basics. If you're pup is experiencing dry, itchy skin, dog-breath, excess shedding, achy joints, anal gland expression, flea problems, dry-cracked paws, excess shedding, or if they are special needs, please tell us! We are here to keep your pup feeling healthy and fabulous.

And much more!

What are the Benefits?

The experience your pet will have will bring several benefits to his/her health and look, but there are several indirect benefits to using our mobile pet grooming service as well!

Convenience: Our groomers come to you. No need to worry about making appointments and waiting in a salon with your dog, for fear that he/she might not get along with other pets. More time for yourself and your pet!

Stress: The burden of adding another appointment to the schedule isn't the only thing that you'll feel relief from. Many pets experience separation anxiety when away from their owner for too long. Keep them safe and worry-free with our quick and easy mobile experience. 

A Clean and Happy Pet: Your pet's mood and demeanor will radiate and glow when they head home from their mini spa-treatment. That means more cuddles for you and the family!

Have peace of mind when working with Awesome Doggies. We have been in business in the San Diego area since 2002, and have developed a reputation for loving, compassionate and expert pet cleaning services free of pain or hassle for your pet. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Emergency Dog Grooming, What Your Groomer Wants You to Know

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWire coat or smooth, long and silky or soft and puffed, all dogs benefit from professional grooming. Groomers work hard to learn safety protocols, keep updated on the best available products and the ins and outs of giving your pet an amazing haircut. Put simply, they are the best source for keeping your companions looking their best.

But what about those emergency moments, those times when your groomer isn't available? Odd as it may seem to some, grooming emergencies do occur. Here are a few you should be aware of along with a few things your groomer wants you to know before you take action.

Home Haircut Disaster

Brittany the cocker spaniel, she of the long, thick show coat, had a great day at the park. She romped through mud puddles and kicked up a storm of debris before dashing through a briar patch. Now Brittany looks less glam and more cautionary tale. Dad attempted to help by snipping the briars out with a pair of kitchen shears. Mom's opinion of the impromptu haircut is now etched clearly on her face as she hands the leash over to the groomer. Puppy cut to the rescue!

Sawing through mats or briars may remove the offending material in a hurry, but a better idea is to call your groomer and ask for an appointment. If an appointment isn't possible soon enough, a groomer can tell you the best way to mitigate the damage until an appointment is available. Groomers have the tools and the know-how to remove most offending materials with the least amount of damage possible.


Max, a golden retriever, hears something bumbling about in the corner of the yard. Before his human companions can wonder what's up, he's dashed off to stop the intruder before it can see it's evil plan for yard domination to completion.

That quick spray, the yelp and the snuffling, scrunch-faced rolling and swiping at the face told you all you needed to know, even before the smell reached your now highly offended olfactories.  Having repelled the interfering canine, the skunk scoots off under the fence, leaving Max and his humans to head for the … wait for it…

Tomato juice.

Tomato juice does have acidic properties, which is what people are hoping will remove the odor. When applied immediately, a tomato juice bath may seem to help, but it's mostly because the owners have managed to wash away the bulk of the skunk oils before they could settle into the coat. A more likely scenario is a smelly, red-stained dog - double whammy! If pet parents forget to wear gloves and an apron, they've likely managed to skunk themselves, the furniture on the way through the house, the carpet where their furry friend stopped for a quick roll…

A better choice is to clean your dog's eyes with a saline eye solution made for dogs to give him some relief (Vetericyn is one safe brand), then ask your groomer for advice on removing skunk odor. Better, get an appointment right away. Some groomers even offer late night emergency service, when most skunkings occur. The sooner the issue is dealt with, the better the outcome.

Holiday baths

It's holiday time and the family is on the way. Sammy's been rolling in dead leaves and looks less than fabulous for a festive occasion. Better make a quick grooming appointment…oh. Everyone else had the same idea and they booked ahead. Now what? Oh well, you can always maneuver Sammy into the tub and give him a quick cleanup. Clairol is good enough for you, it must be a double luxury for Sammy!

Washing done, Sammy heads out for a roll in the backyard while you clean hair from the drain, mop up the bathroom, the kitchen where Sammy passed through to get to the yard, and yourself before planning the holiday menu.

Why is Sammy scratching all through dinner? And his coat looks nothing like it does after a professional grooming! What went wrong?

Bathing a dog properly means using the correct shampoo for your dog's coat. It will be ph balanced and safe for animal use, won't leave residues and, perhaps most importantly, is thoroughly rinsed away. Leaving just a tiny bit of shampoo on your dog leads to itching and potentially hot spots. Not such a great holiday for you or for Sammy.

A better plan is to ask your groomer for advice on in-between professional grooming maintenance. Bathing is possible at home, but it must be done correctly to avoid making any skin or coat issues worse.

Keeping your dog looking and feeling great is the primary concern of a good professional groomer. When a grooming emergency occurs, we are here to help. Contact us for help avoiding common home-grooming mistakes.


As San Diego mobile groomers for over 10 years, we know how to pamper and groom dogs & cats of all breeds... from a simple bath to a total makeover. Our mobile pet grooming salon is a calm, soothing environment your furry baby will love. Have a grubby pet? What are you waiting for?

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