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3 Ways to Keep Your Home as Clean as Your Pet

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWhen your pet is a member of the family, most people enjoy keeping them clean enough to snuggle. There's nothing like burying your face in warm silky soft fur to make a bad day melt away and when your dog or cat is bathed regularly, they're always clean enough to enjoy either a romp or a cuddle. However, the area your pet lives in might not actually be as clean as they are. A few weeks of shedding, dander, and lying down after activities that are not baths can make a pet bed and really any area where your pet likes to sleep or hang out surprisingly dirty. You know what your favorite furry friend smells like dirty and clean and let's face it, pet beds might need washing about as often as your pet does so that the two of them are always clean together.

Of course, maintaining the balance between a clean home and a clean pet can be hard to do. However, while your friendly mobile groomers are giving your favorite furry friend a spa day in the bathtime-mobile you have a few minutes to throw the dog bed in the laundry and clean the area so your home and your pet are spotless at exactly the same time.

Wash Your Pet's Bedding

Every fur baby lives a unique life with their loving owners including where they sleep and what needs to be cleaned during bathtime. If your pet has a designated bed, this could easily be the dirtiest item in the house, having gotten that way quite slowly over time. If you can, vacuum the pet bed first to pull up as much loose hair as you can and try to get into all the cracks and crevices. If your pet sleeps on or in blankets, lay them out and run the curtain attachment over them for the same effect. Once you've done the preliminary clearing, wash everything on hot with mild detergent.

Vacuum Everything

Everywhere your pet spends time will feature a light layer of fur but your pet will be coming back form their grooming appointment completely done shedding for at least a little while. To get your home ready to match your pet, run your vacuum over absolutely everything. Cover the floors in the rooms your pet is allowed in, even if they're not carpeted, and use the detail attachment to get into corners. Use the upholstery attachment on any favorite couch cushions and the corner of their bed they sleep on and consider swiping the curtains as well.

Sweep and Mop the Food Area

Now that you've got the laundry running and the layers of fur cleared from the soft pet-friendly surfaces of your home, don't forget the area where your pet eats. Unless you have an unusually tidy eater, this area usually ends up just a little bit grubby between dripped drinks of water and happy muddy feet. Pick up the food and water bowls and give them a thorough scrub. Then sweep and mop the area where your pet eats.

By this point, your pet should be nearly done with their delightful bath with the mobile groomers and ready to rejoin you. With your home freshly vacuumed and sparkling clean, you can be certain that you and your pet can have the cleanest possible snuggle, at least until they get a chance to roll around in something in the backyard a few hour from now. For more great pet tips and tricks or to schedule a mobile grooming for your favorite fur baby, contact us today! Here at Awesome Doggies, we're always happy to meet a new friend or wash a pet we've come to know and love.

Five "Awesome" Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoSo, your 150-pound, gorgeously gargantuan, brown Newfoundland, "Snuffy" (aptly nicknamed after the lovable Sesame Street character, Mr. Snuffleupagus) decided to go outside and roll around in the mud today. Not only that, but he also decided to investigate what was lurking in the bushes behind your house. Turns out, it was a skunk, who wasn't so enamored with the presence of your gentle giant, and sprayed him.

Now, you truly have a larger than life problem on your hands, because you're hosting a dinner party this weekend for family and friends, but of course, you don't want a muddy, "skunkiferous" Snuffy greeting everyone at the door. To make matters worse, you don't have the time to—or the will—to load your odiferous behemoth into your car, and get him to the groomers before your party.

What's a dog owner to do in such a situation?

If only the dog groomers could come to you... actually, they can! Here are five "awesome" reasons to consider mobile dog grooming for your fur kid:

  1. Time Saver – You're working ten hours per day, have a long commute, dinner to make for the whole family, a house to clean and maintain, and the occasional five to six hours of sleep per night, if you're lucky. Who has time to groom Snuffy? The mobile groomers come to your house, so there's no time wasted driving in the car back and forth. There's also no time wasted at a cashier or loading a less than willing participant (Snuffy) into the car in the first place.
  2. Less Anxiety – Most dogs just don't like going to the groomer. Think about it; you drop them off in a strange building full of people in lab coats, who immediately put them in a cage until it's their turn to take a bath and hit the blow dryer. Dogs generally don't like any of those things. Overall, going to the groomer can be a really unsettling experience for your fur kid. But, there's a lot less to get nervous about if your dog gets groomed from a mobile salon parked in their own driveway.
  3. Undivided Attention – At a traditional groomer, your dog is herded into a salon area where there's four to five or more dogs all either being worked on or waiting for attention. There's a lot going on and when your dog isn't being groomed, he may be spending a lot of time with no human interaction. Most dogs don't like that either. They want as much undivided attention as possible, which is exactly what they'll get at a mobile groomer who schedules one dog at a time. Your dog has the undivided attention of their groomer until they're completely cleaned up and walked back into their own living room.
  4. Comfort – Dropping off your dog at a traditional groomer likely involves them spending a good amount of time in a cage. There's no waiting with the mobile groomer. Nope, Snuffy goes right from the comfort of his own home to the mobile salon, and back again with no cage, crate, or anything else.
  5. Convenience – Even if you have all the time in the world, wouldn't it be nice to spend it reading a book, watching reality television, going to the gym, or any one of a thousand other things, rather than going back and forth to the dog groomer? Mobile groomers are remarkably convenient, no matter how much time you have.

If you live in any one of the thirty-plus neighborhoods of the San Diego, CA area, and agree that it's time to give mobile dog grooming a try, give us a shout at Awesome Doggies.

It doesn't matter if you have a 150-pound newfie named Snuffy or a slightly less physically imposing Chihuahua named Queso, the dog lovin' grooming pros at Awesome Doggies will get him prepped and primed for a day of grace and elegance … okay, maybe that's going a little too far. Nonetheless, he's going to look awesome! By the way, we do kitties too. Contact us today!


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