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4 Ways to Make Bath Time Easier For a Nervous Puppy

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWhether your beloved fur baby is getting his or her very first puppy bath or just hasn't quite gotten the hang of bath time yet, there are a few things you can do to make the experience easier for both you and your young pup. If everything you have tried so far just doesn't seem to work and your puppy is still nervous about bathing, don't give up hope just yet! In this post, we will take a look at a few helpful ways that you can make bath time less stressful for you and your puppy while still ensuring that they get cleaned thoroughly.

  1. Start With Brushing: Before trying to get your young pup into the bathtub, sink, or anywhere else you plan to bathe them, give them a thorough brushing. Not only does this smooth out the tangles in their fur and get rid of any chunks of dirt before bathing, it is also a way to soothe your puppy and get them as calm as possible before they are exposed to water. After all, grooming is a great way to bond with your furry friend and establish trust. Once your puppy trusts you, it becomes easier for them to bathe with fewer problems.
  2. Fill The Tub Before Bringing in Your Pup: The sound of rushing water, if unfamiliar, can play a big role in a young dog's excitement or fear, so draw the bath and have it ready before bringing them to the tub. It will be easier to get them in and exposed to the water with less of a fight. Also, it is a good idea to make the temperature just right. Obviously, if the water is shockingly cold or far too hot, our furry friend will not be very happy with the situation. If the water feels not-quite-warm enough to you, it's probably about right for your yet.
  3. Protect Your Puppy's Eyes and Ears: Part of the reason your young pup is putting a fight may be because their eyes and ears become irritated by the water. This makes the entire experience unnecessarily unpleasant for your dog. But this can easily be remedied with an eye ointment recommended by the veterinarian and using tearless shampoo. Protect their ears by placing cotton balls in each ear to keep water out. Of course, after bath time, remember to remove the cotton.
  4. Bring In The Pros: If all else fails time and time again and you and your puppy struggle to have a successful bath experience, consider bringing in the pros. Whether you want to bring you puppy to a dog grooming facility or you consider mobile dog grooming, either experience will guarantee that your lovable, yet slightly nervous puppy gets the grooming and bathing they need with as little stress caused to them as possible. Professional groomers know how to thoroughly bathe pets, and they do it in a way that prioritizes your dog's happiness and relaxation. Professionals know how to work with anxious dogs and keep them as calm as possible through the whole process. And this way, you don't have to put the time or energy into bathing your puppy yourself, and can focus on other pressing matters.

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Hairball Awareness Day: How to Reduce Your Cat's Hairballs

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-cat-grooming-san-diegoCats are meticulous cleaners. They spend a lot of time taking care of their hair and nails, which is a good thing. However, when cats groom, their sandpaper tongues pick up hair, which they then swallow. Most of this hair passes normally. However, sometimes hairballs arise.

April 28th is Hairball Awareness Day. Seriously, we didn't make this up. So let's take the time to 'celebrate' by sharing a few ways pet parents can reduce the amount of hairballs they and their babes have to deal with.

Reduce Stress to Reduce Licking

It’s normal for a cat to spend 30%-40% of their waking hours on grooming. However, some cats get out of hand with their cleaning. Excessive grooming, called psychogenic alopecia, can occur for a number of reasons. Stress is a big one. Reducing that stress can help reduce the licking.

Routines and consistent environments are important to cats. When these change, so do attitudes. New people or pets in the home, moving to a new home, changed meal times, and even a change in their human’s hours can affect a cat’s stress level. When making changes, do so as gradually as possible. Try not to change more than one routine at a time.  

Another way to keep stress levels low is to keep food in a safe, quiet place. Cats don’t like feeling vulnerable when eating. They need to be able to have peaceful meals without constantly worrying about noise or movement interfering.

Cats also like to do their business in peace. This is another source of vulnerability. Put their litter box in a quiet place that sees little traffic.

If you notice your cat is licking so much that bald patches or broken skin appear, contact your veterinarian for an evaluation.

Help with Grooming

Regularly brushing your cat carries a lot of benefits. It helps distribute natural oils, prevents tangles and mats, and encourages good circulation. It also allows you to stay familiar with your pet’s body and helps you bond with your babe. And of course, brushing removes loose hair that would otherwise end up inside your kitty’s belly. This is a huge help in hairball reduction. Ideally, cats with long, luscious locks need a daily brush at least. For cats with short hair, you can get away with a quick and gentle once over a few times per week.

In addition to regular brushing, professional grooming is also important to keep excess hair at bay. This is because the pros go far beyond a simple brush. Aside from other imperative services (nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland care), professional grooming can include brushing, trimming, shampooing, and de-shedding, depending on the specific needs of your cat. This kind of thorough care not only leaves your cat feeling fresh and fine, but it also reduces the amount of hair they ingest.

mobile-cat-grooming-san-diegoTalk to Your Veterinarian

If your cat has a big problem with hairballs, it may help to have a conversation with your vet. He or she may recommend a special food designed to help with hairballs. They may also have advice about lifestyle changes that can improve the health of your cat’s skin, hair, and mental state, which can in turn help with hairballs.

Dealing with hairballs is one of the least fun parts of being a pet parent. They’re also uncomfortable for our kitties. It’s important for everyone’s sake to do all that’s possible to decrease the amount of hair that ends up in our babes’ bellies. Lowering your cat’s stress, keeping good grooming habits, and communicating with your vet all help with this.

At Awesome Doggies, our professional groomers are experts at helping cats feel and look great. Contact us today for an appointment, and we’ll come to you.

The Top reasons to Consider Mobile Pet Grooming

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoFor most pet owners, their furry friends are a part of their family. It is for this reason that they look for the best possible care and service when researching pet grooming services in their area. While there are a wide variety of options for pet owners to choose from here in San Diego, many loving pet owners still have not considered calling mobile pet grooming services as an alternative to visiting a traditional pet salon. There are many advantages associated with mobile pet grooming servies, which come to your home and provide services in their salon, parked near your front door. If you have no previously used a mobile pet grooming service, here are just a few of the many reasons you should consider giving it a try next time Fido is looking grubby and perhaps smelling not-so-fresh.


One of the main reasons to choose a mobile pet grooming service is that rather than having to take your pet to the salon, the salon comes to you. For the busy San Diego, this can be extremely time saving compared to the time you would have spent hauling your pet to and from the salon at the prescribed drop off and pick up times, and leaving them there all day. Mobile pet groomers often offer more flexible appointment times than traditional salons, making it easier for your to find a time that works best for you and your pet, giving you more control over your schedule.

Less Stress for Your Pet

Not only is mobile pet grooming more convenient for you, but it is often much better for your pet as well. Many pets have trouble traveling, and become anxious, or even sick, on the way to or from the groomers. Additionally, many pets experience separation anxiety when their owners drop them off, and are distressed and/or anxious during their time at the salon. Wouldn't you be, if you were suddenly dropped off in a room full of (barking!) strangers? Mobile pet grooming removes these stressors for your pet. Our mobile salon has many windows all around, which allows your pet to see that they are still at home, and possibly even allow them to catch glimpses of their family as you go about your business. Eliminating travel and staying close to home makes the grooming experience much more enjoyable and relaxing for your pet. And because we work one-on-one with your pet from start to finish, the whole appointment typically only takes an hour, so the entire experience is over much more quickly, compared to spending at day at the traditional groom shop.

Pets Can Develop a Relationship With Their Groomer

At many pet salons, owners do not have control over who grooms their pet, as your pet is often placed with whoever is available. However, mobile pet groomers often allow customers to choose a specific groomer to work with their pet consistently over the years. This consistency in groomers allows pets to develop a relationship with one of your talented, friendly groomers.

No Other Pets Around

Another problem with pet salons in that not ever pet is comfortable being around other animals. Some dogs and cats prefer their solitude. In this situation, it can be difficult for both pet and owner when they go into a room where there are other animals around. This can then becoming even more distressing for your pet when they are placed in a crate until it is their turn to be bathed, as other animals will likely be in cages all around them. With mobile pet grooming, you pet will be the only one getting attention, and will never be placed in a cage. They will be able to enjoy their bath in peace without being disturbed by other animals.
Mobile pet grooming provides a unique service that benefits many families. Withe mobile grooming, you will no longer have to deal with the hassle and stress of bringing your furry friend to and from the groomers; instead, the salon will come to you, and your pet will be able to enjoy a relaxing spa experience without the stress of a traditional pet salon environment. If this sounds like the perfect solution for you, please contact us to learn how to book an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dealing with Dog Shedding in Your Home

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoShedding is a natural process in dogs, so that makes it a natural part of being owned by one! But, as much as we love our dogs, the hair they leave behind can be a real nuisance. Many factors can cause your dog to shed excessively, including health, hormonal changes, nutrition, and the temperature. Professional groomers offer deshedding treatments that reduce shedding by 60-80% if done regularly. Or you can develop your own schedule of regular brushing, washing, and vacuuming. But nothing is foolproof -- if you've got pets, you'll always have hair. If the loose hair is causing issues for your home, your car or your clothing, here are a few suggestions to help you cope.

Fido and Fabrics

It's simple to remove pet hair from upholstered furniture using a lint roller. There are lint rollers that can be rinsed off and reused, but doing so repeatedly can lead to drain clogs. Lint rollers with "tear-off" layers generally work better and are cheaper. You can also use packing tape or blue painter's tape to manually lift hair (both types of tape are more effective than masking tape). Or, you can try rubbing dishwashing gloves over upholstered fabric in a circular motion -- the action will create a small pile of hair that you can just scoop up! A damp sponge is also handy a- and surprisingly effective - at wiping down pet hair from upholstery.

Many pet owners decide it's a good idea to use blankets, sheets, or slip covers on furniture so you can simply pull them off and toss into the wash periodically. They can always be removed when company is coming. As for the car, textured upholstery can attract hair and pull it out of your pet's coat. Covers come in handy there, as do anti-static sprays (give your clothes a spritz to keep from picking up hairs from the seats). Next time you're car-shopping, opt for leather seats because they don't "grab" doggie hair!

Most pet owners' carpets get the brunt of shedding. You should vacuum at least 10 minutes a day to keep hair from building up. While you've got the vacuum out, hit the sofa and backs of chairs using appropriate attachments. Be sure to target spots where hair tends to hide like between couch cushions.

If your current vacuum doesn't have a beater bar, invest in one that does -- they're great for removing pet hair. You can also get a squeegee that is specially made for removing pet hair from carpet to use between vacuumings. Of course, vacuuming doesn't always do the trick, because the suction isn't typically powerful enough to pull all the hair from the carpet. Plan to do a deep carpet cleaning at least once a year.

Lassie and the Laundry

To remove dog hair from clothing, make a downward rolling motion with a damp sponge (this is a lot easier to do on a hanger than a person!). This process will leave a "rim" of hair near the hem of the garment that you can collect and remove. To keep hair from clogging up the washing machine (and being transferred to the dryer, where the heat causes hairs to cling), always shake out garments before putting them in the wash. (Go outside first to avoid depositing more hair into the air, furniture or carpet.) Wipe down the inside of the dryer after each use so any residue won't be deposited onto the next load.

Grrr-eat Grooming Habits

You can help minimize the amount of hair in your home by brushing your dog at least once a week -- that way loose hair ends up in the brush, not your carpet or furnishings! (Some breeds shed more than others so you may need to brush your dog more often.)

Brushing for just a few minutes, a few times a week can really pay off. Procrastinating means grooming will take longer and be more difficult for both you and your dog, so continue to brush him on a regular basis. Use a brush designed for your breed of dog. If your dog has an undercoat, you'll want to use a rake-style brush or shedding blade. Pin-style brushes are a good choice for dogs with wavy coats. Pet stores also carry brushes made especially for dogs who experience excessive shedding. The FUR-minator is a tool we swear by. When used properly on a regular basis, it really does decrease shedding by 60-80%. That's a lot (less!!) hair floating around your home.

Professional grooming is an excellent way to help your dog look and feel his best. Awesome Doggies' mobile pet grooming salon is a calm, soothing environment your dog will love. Contact us to learn more, and we'll tell you how to get $10 off your first visit plus a FREE de-shedding package to help keep those errant hairs in check!


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