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5 Amazing Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWhen it comes to professional dog grooming, your lovable furry friend isn't the only one benefiting from the experience. Seeing a groomer on a regular basis is helpful for both you and your fur baby. But just what are the benefits? You might be surprised by how much good it does to treat your dog to a regular "spa day."

  1. Regular Visits Could Catch Scary Stuff: When your dog sees a groomer regularly, these professionals will not only be giving your dog a proper wash and grooming session, but are likely to notice health issues and bring them to your attention so you can get them checked before they get out of hand. Grooming is a very 'hands on' job, and your groomer is likely to notice changes in ears, teeth, skin, and other parts of your pup's body that you may not have noticed. Health problems that are caught early on, are more easily and swiftly taken care of. You only see your vet once a year, but your groomer comes every month!

  2. Less Shedding: When your dog sheds less, that is a huge benefit for you. After all, even though you love your pet, it is no fun having to clean up after them. Who wants to be constantly vacuuming all the hair they shed throughout your home? When your furry friend is regularly bathed and groomed, their coat becomes healthier and shinier, thus less susceptible to excess shedding. 

  3. Attention to Nails: Part of a routine grooming for your dog includes keeping nails trimmed. More than just cosmetic, untrimmed nails can lead to difficulty walking, poor posture, and even infection. Simply keeping up with nail trims can avoid a host of problems -- and expensive treatments.

  4. Maintains a Healthy Coat And Skin: When your dog is regularly bathed, it helps him maintain a glowing, healthy coat of fur and healthy skin. Without proper hygiene, your dog is more likely at risk for mites, parasites, and bacteria. This not only causes them a great deal of grief and irritation, these unwelcome pests can become a problem in your home. Regular bathing and grooming also keeps things likes pests and tape worms away. Both of these things (and the problems mentioned above) can lead to illness for not only your dog, but for you and other members of your household.

  5. It Affects Your Dog's Mental State: Yes, believe it or not, a thorough, bathing and grooming session delivered with love and kindness will affect your dog's mental state for the better, especially if they have been without grooming for a long time. As groomers we have noticed that after the dogs are groomed, they often don't just look like new dog, they act and feel like a new dog too! Dogs tended to be happier after their matted, dirty fur is taken care of and their hygiene is up to par. Grooming is not only necessary, but a real treat for your lovable pet!

Curious about the other benefits of dog grooming or looking for a place to care for your furry friend? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Fun Things to do With Your Dog in San Diego

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoDogs are man's best friend, so naturally, there are some days where you don't feel like leaving your cuddly friend at home. There's a lot of fun, and pet-friendly things to do in San-Diego that will provide a delightful day of bonding with your four-legged buddy. 

Go on an Adventure to Fiesta Island Off Leash Dog Park

If you dog hates being constricted by a leash during your walks outside in the park or through your neighborhood, take him on a grand adventure where he can roam free through sand dunes and even splash in the water if he's brave. It's a great area that's got lots of space yet remains private. So, if your dog would enjoy the thrill of running free beside, or even in, the water consider Fiesta Island for a day of fun in the sun. 

Go Boating

If your dog doesn't enjoy getting in the water then consider going on a ride where he can simply view it from the safety of a boat. At Seaforth Boat Rentals located in downtown San Diego, you can rent a boat for the day, and dogs are more than welcome. Strap a life jacket on your furry friend and go for an adventure riding the waves without ever getting wet. If you'd rather not rent a boat you can choose to rent a kayak, canoe, or paddle boards from Aqua Adventures instead. 

Go on a Shopping Spree

San Diego really is a dog-loving city. There are plenty of stores that will gladly welcome you and your dog to shop within their facility. If you want to browse, visiting a variety of stores, Seaport Village is a great place to go. It's a shopping center that contains many pet-friendly stores. Or if you're tooling around North County include a trip to Dexter's Deli or Three Dog Bakery to pick up a tasty treat for your furry friend. 

Add Some Culture to Your Day

While you can't take your dog into a museum, you can certainly bring him to the Spanish Village Art Center. They have a wide selection of art for your and your dog to view, ranging from paintings to photographs and sculptures. You can simply take a stroll and glance around, or you can buy a piece that catches your eye and take home a token of your fun day out together. 

Take Your Dog Out to Lunch

There's a variety of dog-friendly restaurants in San Diego. You might have to sit at an outdoor table, but we don't think your dog will mind. There's a great coffee shop that also serves salad and sandwiches, so you can still enjoy lunch, that will donate all of their proceeds to the SPCA and Humane Society. Not only will you get to enjoy a lunch date with your furry friend, but you'll do some good for other dogs as well. If you're in the mood for a burger or Mexican cuisine you're in luck too. Fred's Mexican Cafe and Burger Lounge are among the many dog-friendly restaurants located in San Diego, or you can stop by Bushfire Grill for delicious natural Angus beef and home-style sides. Your furry friend will be treated to a complimentary water bowl and a delicious treat. 


If you are vacationing in San Diego you'll need a place to stay that opens its doors to both you and your dog. There are many choices to choose from ranging from easily affordable to luxury. So, whatever style suits you, you're sure to find the perfect place for you and your dog to stay. Check out places like The Bristol, Ocean Beach Hotel, and Kona Kai Resort, just to name a few. 

Spending time with your pet is a great way to ensure you have a great day out or a wonderful vacation. Dogs are truly one of the greatest blessings this world has to offer and giving them a fun day out in the city is something you should do at least once. Pick a few, or all, of these fun dog-friendly adventures and create lasting memories for you and your four-legged bestie. If during all the adventures your dog gets dirty and needs a wash, or you simply want to pamper your pooch with spa-like luxury, please contact us. We love dogs and treat every dog we see as our own, with gentleness and love. We look forward to meeting your four-legged pal soon. 

Not Again! Getting That Skunk Smell Out Of Your Dog Quickly And Easily

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoThere's nothing more frustrating than letting your dog out and sniffing a tinge of skunk in the air. The tension while you wait for your dog to come to the door, covered in stench, is almost too much to handle. This is particularly true because of the way that skunk scent will stick around for months in their fur and make your home difficult to handle.

However, that doesn't have to be the case. Properly attacking the problem by immediately deodorizing your dog with the following process will help eliminate skunk scent more quickly. This simple dog grooming trick is effective and easy.

Soak Up The Oil With Paper Towels

When skunks spray your dog, they spread oil across their hair and fur. Soak up as much oil as soon as possible right away to cut down on the smell and minimize the spread. Wear disposable gloves and old clothes. Keep your dog out of the house, away from carpet, furniture and drapes. You don't want that oil to rub off on anything you plan to keep!

Identify the location of the oil on your dog by the smell and dab gently with paper towels to soak up as much oil as possible. The most commonly hit area is the face and head, so concentrate your efforts there. It may smell *so* bad in the strongest areas that it's actually hard to recognize as skunk.

Choose a DeSkunking Agent

Once you've soaked up as much oil as possible, the affected area will still smell - a lot. But an effective de-skunking agent can help. Even regular shampoo will do some good - but many repeated washings will be needed. You'll find suggestions like dish soap or tomato juice, but they aren't as effective as their reputation would suggest, and the tomato juice in particular makes a big mess. Hydrogen peroxide can serve in a pinch. However, if you invest in a de-skunking product like “Skunk Off” (sold online and at animal emergency vets) you actually have a chance of getting completely (or close to it) rid of the skunky smell. Skunk Off is chemically formulated to not just cover or wash off the skunk smell, but it actually neutralizes the mercaptans (the odor producing molecules) in the skunk oil. If you've got skunks in the neighborhood, you might consider keeping a bottle on hand.

Keeping Them Skunk-Free

The best way to avoid this problem in the future is to keep your dogs well away from skunks. Easier said than done, I know. Make sure you aren't creating a skunk-friendly environment. Don't leave food outside, and keep the yard clear and picked up of any items that might provide a hiding spot.
Avoid letting your dog out on their own late at night or early in the morning, when the skunks are more likely to be out and active, or take them out on a leash so you can head the other way if you see a skunk....although your dog is going to want to investigate. 

If you're looking for a way to quickly eliminate skunk smells from your dog through the use of Skunk Off or through other methods, please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Getting Your Dog Comfortable in the Tub

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-pet-grooming-san-diegoAlthough most dogs love taking a swim in the lake or running through sprinklers on a hot summer day, these same dogs sometimes cower in fear at the thought of taking a bath.  Managing to consistently get your dog in the tub is a real challenge for many pet owners.  As tricky as this is, your fur child should never go without a regular bath schedule.

Washing your dog has many benefits beyond just keeping them clean.  Baths also ensure your dog's skin and coat stay healthy and free of insects and parasites. Many skin issues can be avoided by implementing a proper bath schedule. However, how do you get your dog clean when they seem to hate it? These top bath tips have helped dog owners around the country.

Pick a Regular Spot

Establishing familiar habits will simplify matters for both your and your dog. This is true when planning your dog's bath time.  By picking a familiar spot and using it every time, your allow your dog the security of a good habit.  They will be familiar with the spot and know what to expect.  Pick your spot based on your dog's size.  Smaller pooches can use a sink or laundry tub.  Larger dogs do well either in a bathtub, shower, or outside.  Some pet stores and vet offices offer specially designed dog bathtubs. These are a good option if you can't decide on a specific place. 

Be Prepared

Bathtime becomes a nightmare for both you and your dog when supplies are missing or unprepared.  Once you start the bath, the goal is to finish as efficiently as possible.  This is only possible when all your supplies are ready and in easy reach. Before beginning the bath, lay out all the towels, shampoo, and extra supplies you know you will need.  This eliminates the hassle and frustration of leaving your dog sopping wet and restless while you search for supplies.  

Make it Fun!

As people, we are far more likely to do something again if we feel it was an enjoyable experience.  Our fur children are no different.  By making baths as fun and enjoyable as possible, we increase the likelihood that they will enjoy it the next time.  Before getting started, offer rewards like treats and praise to put them at ease. This will help them form good memories and associations with the bathing process. Keep the fun going by adding a bath toy to keep things fun and relaxed.    Toys may be the key to showing your dog that bathtime isn't scary.  

Keep it Comfortable

Details such as water temperature, bath location, and time all play an important part in how comfortable your dog is during their bath.  Always check the water and ensure that it's a comfortable lukewarm temperature.  Cold water from garden hoses or scalding showers ensure your dog will hate the bath.  Their comfort is your priority! If your dog feels comfortable and at ease during the bath, you greatly simplify the process for the future.  Also, keep the bath as quick and efficient as possible.  Most dogs feel restless and impatient during bathtime.  Keep it brief and to the point.  This reduces the chance that your dog will try a messy escape plan.

Be Loving

Baths should never feel like a punishment or give your dog the impression that you are angry with them.  When performed properly, bathtime is a special bonding opportunity for you and your dog.  During the bath, frequently offer praise and rewards for good behavior. Talk to your dog and offer praise.  They easily sense your tone of voice and body language. If you are at easy and comfortable, they will be as well. Even if your dog behaves badly at first, stay patient.  Their behavior will improve with practice.

dog-pet-grooming-san-diegoBe Realistic

If even after practice and patience, your dog still avoids bathtime and becomes obviously distressed, seek professional assistance.  Professional dog groomers are specially trained to put nervous dogs at ease.  A Professional groomer is especially helpful if your dog has high-maintenance hygiene needs that are beyond your time and skills.  Extremely thick or shaggy coats can be tricky to keep clean and free of snarls.  For breeds such as Poodles, Maltese, and Yorkies, professional grooming is often the best route.  Other services are often available such as nail care, eye and ear cleaning, and expressing the anal glands.  These are valuable hygiene aspects to keep your dog healthy and clean.  


Although your dog may struggle with baths, practice and routine are extremely helpful in eliminating their anxiety and discomfort.  Dogs who once dreaded bath time can become calm and happy when applying these helpful tips. For more information on your dog's grooming needs or to schedule a special first-time appointment, please contact us.  Ask about our "Happiness Guarantee;" We promise your dog will not only leave clean but happy as well.

6 Tips to Make Dog Bathing Easier

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Anyone who has welcomed a dog into their home for the very first time may feel a little overwhelmed by the many new responsibilities, one of which is bathing. The idea of thoroughly scrubbing down an overactive puppy or a nervous older dog might seem a bit daunting, but it can be done with the right knowledge and a willingness to get a little wet. In this post, the expert dog groomers from Awesome Doggies share six helpful tips for bathing your dog.

  1. Use The Right Shampoo: Right off the bat, the first thing you need is proper shampoo for your dog. The shampoo we use as humans is not the same pH level as animal shampoo. If you use something other than a shampoo designed specifically for animals, it could possibly irritate your dog's skin. Definitely it's not ideal. If your dog has skin issues, ask your veterinarian for recommendations. We like to use all-natural shampoos to minimize everybody's exposure to chemicals. Do your own thing, but use a good quality product. 
  2. Protect Your Drains: If you are planning to bathe your dog in your home sink, bathtub or shower, make sure to block the drain beforehand. You don't want massive piles of dog hair clogging your drain and causing plumbing problems down the road. Have a strainer in place on your drain. Alternately, a piece of steel wool can be used as a temporary strainer, just be sure to use a large enough piece that the steel wool itself won't end up washing down your pipes.
  3. Provide a Nonslip Surface: Just like humans, dogs get stressed out by slipping and sliding all over the place and not being able to stand. Invest in a nonskid rubber mat so your dog can rest comfortably on its feet and not have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the place.
  4. Prevent Swimmers Ear: Getting water in your ears is no fun...and your dog doesn't like it either. If your dog is sensitive place cotton balls inside their ears to help thwart water from entering. Remember to take them out after the bath, of course. 
  5. Get The Water Started Before The Bath: If you already know that your furry friend is a nervous bather, get the warm water running and fill up the tub before bringing your dog in. The sound of running water will just make your nervous pup even more anxious, so get the tub filled first and then bring him or her in.
  6. Prep Everything Before Bath Time: Having the bathing station all set up and ready to go before bath time is definitely key to success. Fewer things are more frustrating than starting your dog's bath and then realizing you don't have everything you need. Unless you are okay with a sloppy, wet, mess all over your bathroom and maybe other parts of your house, get the shampoo, conditioners, cotton balls, buckets or bowls (for dipping water to rinse), towels, combs, and other bathing supplies that you need together before you start. This way you won't have to keep getting up from the bathtub to grab things....because you know when that happens, your dog isn't going to stay put!

Looking for more dog bathing advice or have any other questions on pet grooming? Don't hesitate to contact us today! Our team of pet care professionals is passionate about equipping you with everything you need to have a well-groomed pet.


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