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6 Ways to Find an Awesome Dog Groomer

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoYou would be hard-pressed to find a parent who would haphazardly leave their kids with a new babysitter that they barely knew or a nanny that they didn't bother to interview. So it's not likely that you would toss off your furry kids with a dog groomer that you knew very little about. If you want to be assured that you are picking the best dog groomers for your lovable family dog, take a look at these six tips to help you make the right decision.

  1. Check Out The Shampoo Products: Of course, if you are having your dog shampooed and bathed properly, you want to know that the groomers are using products that are 100% safe for animals and specifically designed for dogs. Any other kind of shampoo that is not designed for animals could end up being harmful - or at least less than optimal - for your pet. Don't be afraid to ask the groomers what they use and make sure the shampoos, conditioners, and rinses formulated for pets, and that are soothing, gentle, and preferably all-natural as opposed to products that are filled with harsh chemicals.
  2. Ask About Anxiety: It's common for some dogs to become anxious when in new surroundings, especially when those surroundings include lots of water, new sounds and being handled by strangers. Ask the groomer what they will do for your dog if he or she becomes anxious during bathing or other grooming activities. A good groomer will know what to do to soothe a dog's anxieties and will be happy to share with you how they will calm down your dog. 
  3. Look Into a Tour: If you're considering a traditional pet salon, ask the establishment if they will allow you to check out the premises beforehand. Make observations. Does the salon seem organized and clean? Or is it hectic and messy? It's no question that you want to see your dog groomed in a clean establishment, so if you notice the cleanliness of the salon is not up to your standards, it's a safe bet that it's not a good place for your dog. If you're using a mobile groomer, ask if you'll be allowed to see inside their mobile salon at your first appointment.
  4. Get References: All good groomers, like any good business, will have positive reviews for potential clients to look at. Check out Yelp and other local review sites. See if the salon has a website, and read their Google reviews. If they don't have anything online, don't be afraid to ask the groomers for references before hiring. 
  5. Ask Questions.  Good groomers understand the importance of transparency and will not be bothered by the questions you ask. Ask how long the company has been operating. Find out what happens with your appointment if your groomer is can't work that day. What time will the groomer arrive, or what time are you supposed to drop your pet off at the salon. How long will the appointment last? Ask about pricing too, but don't be surprised if you only get an estimate over the phone, based on your pooch being of typical size for their breed, and their coat being in typical condition. Firm pricing should be confirmed once the groomer meets your pet and sees the condition of their coat. If you come across a grooming salon that won't answer questions directly, it's a red flag. You want a groomer that is open and honest and perfectly comfortable telling you what you want to know. 
  6. Watch Your Dog's Behavior: After your dog has been groomed, watch how they act afterwards. Are they thirsty (stressed), exhausted, nervous and skittish? Or are they dancing and prancing, with tail wagging and tongue hanging out? If the energy of your pet seems strange or unlike anything you have seen from them before, it's a good sign that the groomer isn't a good fit for your pet.

Wondering if Awesome Doggies could be the perfect dog groomer for your furry friend? Don't hesitate to contact us today!

4 Tips for Overcoming Your Dog's Fear of Nail Trims

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Having your dog's nails trimmed on a regular basis has several benefits. Overly long nails can be painful for your dog, and can easily break and become infected. If the nails stay too long for too long, they can even change your dog's gait in a way that permanently damages his skeletal system. Keeping your pup's nails neat and short is healthier for your dog and also protects your wood floors and furniture. 

Many pet owners have a valid reason for delaying nail trims, though: their dogs hate having it done! If every time you go near your dog's nails with a pair of clippers they yelp and yank their paws away, nail trimming becomes super stressful for both of you. Here are four tips for navigating this situation and turning nail trims into a stress-free experience:mobile-dog-grooming-san-diego

Have the Right Tools

Nail trimming should never be painful for dogs, and one way to ensure a pain-free experience is to start with the right tools. High quality, sharp nail clippers designed specifically for dogs are crucial. Guillotine-style clippers are especially effective. Old, dull clippers will not cut through the nail quickly enough and can cause pain for your pup.

Some dogs actually prefer the grinding action of a Dremel-style tool designed for nail trimming. These grind away at the nail instead of cutting it. Just be sure to only leave the tool on your dog's nail for a few seconds at a time, because it heats up quickly and can burn your dog's paw if left on too long.

Teach Positive Associations

Right now your dog has fearful and anxious associations with nail trimming, and we want to replace these with positive and happy associations. Any time you attempt to clip your dog's nails reward them with tons of praise, cuddles, and a few treats so that they learn to associate nail trimming with these fun experiences.

If your dog is very fearful, focus on baby steps. Get the nail clippers out and immediately reward your dog with treats and praise. Next time, move the clippers close to their paw and do the same. For the next session, you will gently touch their paw with the clippers, and then praise them and offer treats. Finally, as they begin to feel more comfortable around the clippers, you can attempt to clip one nail at a time, followed by rewards.  

De-Stress Your Dog First

If your dog is already in a relaxed and calm state of mind, they will be more receptive to having their nails trimmed. Start with a long walk or jog to get some of their nervous energy out. Then, further relax them by playing soothing background music, speaking to them in a quiet, calming voice, and even giving them a nice massage. In extreme cases, you may find it beneficial to also give your dog a mild sedative from the vet or a natural alternative like Rescue Remedy. Remember that dogs pick up on our energy- so work on getting yourself into a calm and peaceful state of mind as well. 

Hire a Pro! 

As experienced mobile groomers, Awesome Doggies is used to working with pets who have grooming-related anxiety. We are experts at quick, stress-free nail trims that eliminate the anxiety for both dogs and their owners. We can trim your pup's nails as a standalone service or as part of an overall grooming, and we will make sure to moisturize and soothe your dogs paws after the trim.

For more helpful tips for pet owners, be sure to subscribe to our blog. For a mobile grooming appointment in the San Diego area, contact us today and let us come to you!

Five Unique Things to Do with Your Dog in San Diego

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoThere’s always so much to explore in San Diego—great restaurants, hiking trails, tours and let’s not forget the nightlife! But what about your dog? Sure, there are lots of dog-friendly beaches and parks. But you’re searching for something different for your doggie quality time—something eccentric. So let’s explore some unique things to do with your dog in Sand Diego.

Surf’s Up!

If you like to be active and love being on the water then you’ll have a terrific time on a SUP Connection tour. What’s SUP? SUP is Stand-Up Paddle boarding that you can do with your dog through SUP Pups. The hour-long tour goes underneath the North Harbor Bridge next to the Navy Dolphin Training Facility; you’ll get to view some dolphins and many other stunning San Diego sights. But it all begins with a lesson at Liberty Station; the dogs can sniff, meet and become at ease with one another and burn off excess energy. Then you’ll be led down to the sandy beach where you’ll head out on paddle boards and journey into the calm waterway. As you travel down the bay with your dog, you’ll be taught the safety and basics of SUP. On hand with the lesson are pictures, a bottle of water and dog treats.


Everyone has heard of Comic-Con, right? Well, this is Pawmicon—a convention for your dog! Held on the same weekend as Comic-Con, this family-friendly event is free. You and your dog can enter the Pawsplay Contest; this contest is for superheroes and heroic dogs and costs $10 to enter. You can just dress up your dog or come as a superhero duo. If you’re not participating in the contest, you may get a sneak peek at such whimsical characters as: “The Pawnisher”, Game of Bones' “Robb Bark”, “Wolf-erine”, Superdog's “Bark Kent”, The Empire Barks Back;s “Woof Vader” and Pawnsters Inc.'s “Boo”. The three best costumes will receive a prize but all participants will get goodie bags.

There are also food, music, carnival games and an opportunity drawing you can enter. Don’t forget to stop by and meet the adorable costumed pups that are up for adoption!

Exercise Together

When you work out, why not perform your fitness routine with your fur-baby? You can thanks to Leash Your Fitness. Dawn Celapino created this program in 2005 when she acquired her terrier, Jack, and wanted to include her pooch in her workouts. So she moved her routine outdoors and used bands, playground equipment, nature, balls, hand weights and benches. She killed two birds with one stone—got lots of fresh air and a wonderful workout! Her unique fitness program is a circuit style exercise that includes your dog as well as you; you’ll do strength training, yoga, balance, dog obedience and cardio in one hour. Most of all you’ll both have lots of fun!

A Day of Shopping

If you think your pup is a little diva—or she acts like one—San Diego has plenty of awesome shops where you can pamper her by buying food, clothes, and so much more. Pop in to Dexter’s Deli, the next generation pet store that’s set up just like a deli! There, you’ll find natural alternative diets, nifty collars, homemade foods and treats, wild toys and up-to-date nutrition information.

If it’s clothes you’re after wander into Bloomingtails Dog Boutique where they offer every kind of designer apparel you can think of! From dresses and pants to jackets and sweaters. They even sell pajamas, underwear, costumes, swim suits, formal wear and other accessories to keep your princess (or prince) happy. Of course, if you have a large or small dog, Glamour Mutt might be the place for you to obtain designer clothes or gemstone collars for your beloved dog.

If you want to shop for yourself, most stores in San Diego will allow you to bring your canine in as well. Seaport Village is one of these enjoyable and popular areas to do this. Your dog is sure to get lots of belly rubs!


Surf-a-Thon Dog Competition

If you like to watch surfing rather than participate in it, bring yourself and your dog to Del Mar’s Dog Beach to have fun watching a surfing competition like no other! At Surf-a-Thon you’ll see over 80 canines surfing on their boards for the honor of “Top Surf Dog” and all the proceeds go to the programs and animals at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

But there’s more than just watching the amazing Surf-a-Thon! There’s live music, a dog agility course, opportunity drawings, food, interactive vendor booths, a dog costume contest and more summer fun. So bring all of your dogs, your entire family and all your friends and make a day of it!

San Diego is truly a dog’s paradise: perfect weather, places to run and lots of things to do with you! You and your precious pooch will have a blast checking out at least one of these special attractions. If you really want to spoil your four-legged friend, contact us and we’ll get your pup ready for your next outing!

So - We Have a New President... At Least We're All Still Alive. Here's How to Get Your Dog Ready to Change History.

Posted by Awesome Doggies


Where do we start? It has been a wild week and a week that many of us have been dreading. Maybe you felt that way at your own house...

While we aren't one to bring politics into our business, we did want to take a minute to reassure you. We can do this! We're gonna get through this... but we will keep this intro short and sweet.

We Californians are eternal optimists and we would like to start by saying that we are all still alive, California has not been hit by a crater and the next 4 years are going to give us plenty of opportunity to make history... and march around... like A LOT.

Of course, you would never dream of changing history without your dog (or cat) by your side. If you plan on walking to make a difference this year, here are 4 easy ways to ensure that your pet is ready for all that limelight.

Get your pet groomed by a pro

Every celebrity needs their own stylist and that is kind of what our pet grooming does for dogs. We take your already-amazing pet and make them even more amazing. Not only will they be ready for their close-up, but they will also be ready for any ridiculous outfit you can dream up. We are pet people too... we totally understand your urge to put your bulldog in a Lady Liberty costume. We do hope that if you do that you will send pictures!

Need a good giggle? Check out these pictures of dogs that look like Donald Trump. (No, we aren't going to do any of those hairdo's)

Work your pet into your mission

Pets bring everybody together and no matter what side of the fence you are on, pets are neutral, wonderful and always good. Work your pet into your mission by creating a clever sign that gives your pet a voice. For instance, you could say "Paws on Parade for Change" or something else typically corny but cute. Then, Instagram the heck out of that picture because you are going to get plenty of likes... we promise.

Make it a family affair. Nobody can do it alone

Why make history alone when you can do it with your family or friends? This is especially true if you have a daughter because we are living in a time when women's lib is going to be in the history books all over again. Knowing that someday your daughter can look back and say, "We did this together.... we even took the dog"... well, that in and of itself is priceless. These memories will be ones that you treasure together for a lifetime.

Chill out...we are in this thing together

We think we can all admit that we are apprehensive about the next 4 years, but it helps to know that we are all in this together. It helps even more to know that our pets are in it for the long haul with us. Having them to listen to our problems, our minor freak outs and our all-around complaining is what makes our life so rich. Best of all, they never get annoyed by what ails us - no matter what that is. They are always there to guide us and remind us that it could be worse... because it could. We could be going through this without them.

Take a look at what these dogs had to say.

As you journey into the future of change, we know that you will help to make history simply by being the good, wonderful pet people that you are. We salute you and we want you to know that it means so much to us to be in this thing together. No matter where you fall in the political debacle of current events... we love you and your pets just as you are and we are proud to stand, or walk with you, as we make our way into tomorrow.


As San Diego mobile groomers for over 10 years, we know how to pamper and groom dogs & cats of all breeds... from a simple bath to a total makeover. Our mobile pet grooming salon is a calm, soothing environment your furry baby will love. Have a grubby pet? What are you waiting for?

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