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Bringing Home A New Puppy

Posted by Awesome Doggies

In honor of National Puppy Day tomorrow (March 23), this week's post focuses on those irresistible furry bundles of love and energy.  Everybody loves puppies. However, bringing home a new puppy is not only exciting but challenging at the same time. Remember that the puppy is a new addition to the family, and it's going to take some getting used to for all of you. Here are some things to expect from your squirmy bundle of joy, and what you can do to prepare for it.

First of all, please be sure your puppy is old enough to be taken away from its mother. Even so, you can still expect some whining the first few nights as your new addition to the family gets used to being away from Mom and his littermates, and adjusts to new surroundings. Think how you would feel if you were suddenly all alone and in a strange place for the first time. Well, that's exactly how your new puppy is feeling.

After arranging a nice secure and comfy place for your new little one to sleep, and introducing your puppy to his feeding station, it's time to get started on puppy proofing your house. Just like with a human baby, there are things that can hurt your puppy, and that your puppy can hurt. Make sure all poisons are safely put away out of reach before you bring the puppy home. Also put away your shoes and anything else you don't want the new family member to chew on. Check the yard for holes in the fence, remembering that a puppy is likely much smaller than the adult dog you might have had previously. Installing baby gates isn't a bad idea either, so that the puppy can't get hurt or get into things it shouldn't.

The number one thing to do to prepare your home for your new arrival is the easiest... be ready to welcome your puppy into the family with quiet attention and gentle love. Treat your new fur baby just like you would one of your children. Be gentle and loving but firm when you are showing the puppy the rules of the house. Be kind to your puppy and you and your family will have a loyal companion for life. A new puppy is an amazing addition to any family. Enjoy!

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