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Amazing Cat Facts

Posted by Awesome Doggies

cat-factsHere at Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming, we love our feline friends. So much so that not only do we spend a lot of time getting to know your cat, we spend time in research learning all that we can about all cats, so that we can make sure that your cat’s grooming experience is the best it can possibly be-- every single time.

All this research has led us to one conclusion: we think cats are pretty remarkable in about a million ways. Today, please permit your friends at Awesome Doggies to share a few fun facts about your fab feline.


  1. A genetic study concluded that every domesticated cats' ancestry can be traced back to a group of five African wildcats dating back to the Middle East circa 8000 BC.

  2. Older cats meow more than younger cats because of a form of dementia.

  3. cat-fact-about-a-clowder-of-catsCat’s brains are more similar to human brains than are dog’s brains. 

  4. Cats cannot taste sweetness. 

  5. A group of cats is called a clowder.

  6. Cats sleep 70% of their lives. 

  7. Cats were often used as ship mascots during WWI and WWII, serving as both companions and mouse catchers.

  8. Dwight D. Eisenhower hated cats but both Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln were devoted cat lovers.

  9. Cats can smell with their mouth using an additional organ called the Jacobson’s organ located in the upper surface of the mouth. 

  10. Cats can be trained to use the toilet. 

  11. The furry tufts on the inside of cats’ ears are called “ear furnishings”. 

  12. Cats can hear ultrasonic noises such as the ones rodents (and dolphins) make to communicate. 

  13. A cat’s nose print is as unique as a fingerprint. 

  14. Isaac Newton invented the cat flap door when his own cat (named Spithead) kept opening the door and spoiling his light experiments. 

  15. cat-fact-about-cat-nosesNikola Tesla was inspired to research electricity after his cat, Macak, gave him a static shock. 

  16. A female cat is called a Molly or a queen. They prefer queen. 

  17. Male cats are called toms, and they are cool with that. 

  18. Cats have a third eyelid called a “haw” and generally only visible when they are unwell. (Something we look for as part of the grooming process!)

  19. In the original Italian version of Cinderella, the fairy godmother was a cat.

  20. Cats can run faster than record holder Usain Bolt by 3 mph--- with a record time of 30mph.

All these cool facts only prove what we all know—cats rock. They are smart, independent, loving, demanding, and worthy of all the pampering we could bestow upon them. So what are you waiting for? Contact Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming today!

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