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Alternatives to Using Ears in “Man Buns”: Hipster Trends in Dog UpDos

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You can’t go very long without seeing some cool new updo. That got us thinking. Why should humans have all of the fashion fun? We here at Awesome Doggies believe in equal fashion rights for fashion loving fidos and think every dog deserves some dogster style with the latest canine coifs.

One of the latest trends we’ve been seeing is the doggie “man bun” which uses the ears tied up on the top of the head for a bun-like effect. While we don’t do that at Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Salon (it is actually painful for the pup and leaves the ear canal vulnerable to dirt and parasites), your pup can still sport some serious style.

dog-with-updoHere is Some of Our Favorite, Magazine Worthy Topknot Styles

The top knot is, essentially, a pony tail on top of the dog’s head. One of the trendiest looks for dogs with medium length hair is a simple pony tail toward the back of the head, and minus any bows. (After all, we are talking hipster here.) There are however, several top knot options for dogs with long fur.

Single Classic

The Single Classic Top Knot looks like a small bun. To create the look, the groomer makes a front and back pony tail, and then combines them. Then the loose section of pony tail is folded over and secured, leaving a small section to stick out of the back of the knot.

Double Classic

The Double Classic Top Knot is similar to the Single Classic but uses four small pony tails secured in pairs and results in two small buns on your pup’s head.

Single Flowing Top Knot

This top knot style is the simplest, and closest to the simple pony tail. This makes it a great option of longer haired puppies that are just getting used to grooming, or other pups that do not prefer sitting still for complicated or more time consuming styles. The Single Flowing Top Knot is actually a combination of two small pony tails, one right in front of the other at the front of the dog’s head and secured together and left to flow freely.

dog-with-topknot-updoDouble Flowing

In the Double Flowing Top Knot, the hair on the dog’s head is parted down the middle and then each side getting a front and back pony tail. The two pony tails are secured together resulting in two upright pony tails.

In addition to looking super cute, top knot styles can also serve a useful purpose. In long haired dogs, fur can obstruct their vision, and keep you from seeing their sweet face. There many other ridiculously cool dog hair styles, so be sure to ask us about them next time you see us as we are out and about your neighborhood. You can also give us a call! We are always happy to answer your pet grooming questions and look forward to making your dog look amazing!

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