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A Day in the Life of a Groomer

Posted by Awesome Doggies

This week's blog post was written by a Clairemont High School senior who worked as an intern at Awesome Doggies
during the Spring 2014 semester.  


A Day in the Life of a Groomer

By Stephanie Kwik

awesome-groomerMy high school has a program called the Academy of Business, which is dedicated to teaching high school students about the business world and preparing them for a future outside of high school. Seniors in the Academy take part in an internship of their choice to get firsthand experience working for a company. This is how I became a marketing intern for Awesome Doggies. As part of my internship I was able to ride along with Mobile Grooming Specialist Shelly Johnson and see what it is like to be a groomer for Awesome Doggies. I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't know what grooming a pet entailed, and I was curious as to what groomers did from day to day.

The morning of my ride-along, I met Shelly and we went off to her first client. It was a more relaxing experience than I thought. Of course, you need to be on time, but groomers are careful to space out each appointment so they don’t have to rush and can make sure the client’s pet is groomed properly. This is both easier on the groomer so they don’t need to feel pressured, and makes things less stressful for the pet.

awesome-doggies-mobile-groomingAccording to groomer Shelly, it takes about an hour per pet depending on the type of groom and animal. To my surprise, most of the process is spent blow-drying the pet after they have been bathed. Before Shelly can begin to groom them, the pet’s hair must be completely dry so she spends extra time patiently making sure that they are not wet.

Another thing I found interesting is the many different types of shampoos that are used, instead of one general shampoo there are many specialty shampoos from a hypoallergenic shampoo to an oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin to a face wash that doesn't hurt the pet’s eyes. All of this is done in an effort to make the grooming experience a comfortable one for the animal which in turn, relaxes the owner.

While I was tagging along, I got to ask Shelly about her job as a groomer and what it means to her. She told me that she has been working for Awesome Doggies for about seven-and-a-half years and has loved every minute of it. Her favorite part of the process is the actual grooming itself because for her the most rewarding part of the job is being able to transform animals who are in desperate need of a groom into the shining, beautiful pets that she sees on the inside. Another cool thing is that most of her customers are regulars, some of which she has known for years. 

Shelly’s more than just an animal groomer, which is something that you don’t see often and that makes Awesome Doggies unique.

All-in-all, my ride along with Shelly was an enjoyable experience and a wonderful insight into the care that Awesome Doggies groomers give all their furry clients.

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