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Why Groomers Shouldn’t Promise Perfection When Working With Puppies

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A puppy’s first groom is momentous, and for the pet parent, just as momentous as a child’s first cut. Trust us, we totally agree. But did you know that many of the grooming sessions that come after that are just as important in the puppy’s life? In fact, the first grooming sessions should be much less about “the perfect cut” than about getting the puppy used to what can be a very scary process.

groomer-with-puppiesWhy the first Groomings are so Important

At Awesome Doggies, we believe that the first mobile groomings should always be a happy and pleasant experience. Just like everything else in a puppy’s life, getting used to grooming takes time and training. After all, grooming can be a very scary experience. During the first sessions, they have to get used to many new sights and sounds such as the buzzy, vibrating clippers and the sound of the blow dryer. They also need time to get used to the tub and sound of the water, and learn how to sit still during the process. It is a lot to learn, and not something we should expect our precious pups to understand or know in a short time.

Slow, Gentle, Loving Grooming

The experience the puppy has at their first groomings will set them up for a lifetime of groomings. If the experience is scary and rushed, they will come to fear grooming sessions and expect that every grooming experience is something to be feared and avoided. That’s why we take our time and invest ourselves in the process. We work your fur baby to make grooming fun. Instead of forcing them to sit still, we train them to work with us over a series of grooming sessions as we get them used to every aspect of grooming. It is never long until we have the won over them and gotten them to fully cooperate in the process.


Why We Don’t Promise the Perfect Cut for Puppies

We do not promise the absolute, perfect cut for puppies, and don’t believe any groomer should. Puppies are happy wiggly creatures, and we would never want to change that about them. Pushing them through an unfamiliar and frightening process and forcing them to sit still to get that perfect cut is just not our style.

As much as we want to deliver a little ball of perfection, getting them used to the process takes a little time. We want those first experiences to be all about fun and happiness and not about forcing them to be still to clip just the right spot. Perfection will come later, after they relax and come to know that everything will be fine and understand what is expected of them. Fortunately, most pups catch on pretty quickly and even get excited to see our mobile salon pull up to their house.

At Awesome Doggies, we want every grooming session to be one that your treasured friend finds to be pleasant and, of course, we want to make their pet parents happy too. We will always work hard to do both. And that’s our promise. Contact us to schedule your mobile grooming session today!

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