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Getting Your Dog Ready for a Day at the Beach

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When heading out for a day at a sunny San Diego beach, what do you do? You protect your skin with sunscreen, of course. Just like humans prepare for a day in the sun by putting on sunscreen, dogs need proper grooming and protection techniques, too! Although regular visits with your favorite groomer will keep your pet's coat in optimal condition, beach trips with your dog require extra work on your part. It's best to learn a few doggie care tricks before jumping in the ocean, or at least be aware of some of the issues that my arise when taking your dog out to play in the sun and sand. 

If you live by or regularly visit our beautiful San Diego beaches, consider having your groomer give your dog a summer haircut. A short haircut may be appropriate if a dog's hair is too long for easy maintenance or if it's really hot outside. Ask your groomer for advice, which varies by breed and coat type. Long dog hair full of wet sand can get pretty messy, and a summer haircut may be just the thing to make your after-beach cleanup quick and easy. If your dog is a swimmer and loves spending time in the ocean, it's important to know that salt and other minerals found in sea water can be harmful to a dog's coat. So when leaving the beach for the day, it's essential to wash your dog off with fresh water.

And don't forget the sunscreen! There are special sun block and sun protection products for canines. Be sure to pay special attention to coating the nose and ears, as these are areas where dogs tend to get burned. Make sure to find a designated shade spot for your dog or pack an umbrella. Bring a water dish and plenty of water; dogs can get dehydrated just as easily as humans.

Some beaches have sand fleas, so don't forget to have a flea protection plan in place. Keep in mind that a flea collar will not prevent fleas once it is wet; it becomes useless and can irritate a dog's skin. Most of our clients use Frontline (which is absorbed into the skin and therefore doesn't wash off if applied more than 3 days previously).


Finally, check the internet before you go to find out where and when your dog will be welcome on the sand. Designated "Dog Beaches" have much less restrictive hours than other beaches. Whenever you go, enjoy the time with man's best friend....and send us your photos! We'd love to see them.
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