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8 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy When the Kids Go Back to School

Posted by Awesome Doggies

kids-going-back-to-schoolKids all over San Diego are saying good bye to the last warm, wonderful, lazy days of summer with the school year commencing on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 for all schools in the San Diego Unified School District.  Also commencing are cases of “back to school blues” —but not by whom you might expect. 

By August, everyone in the family is getting geared up for school—everyone except your dog.  After an extended break, your dog has gotten used to having family at home and the extra attention they receive from the kids. When the kids suddenly zip up the backpacks and head out for school for 7 hours at a time, it is enough to leave any pooch in a big pout.

Like the rest of us, your dogs need time to adjust and something to keep them busy to help them fight off the back to school blues.  Check out these boredom busting tips for Awesome Doggies:

  • Provide a few new toys. Choose toys that can hold their attention for an extended period of time, like a Kong filled with treat paste. They enjoy the  challenge aspect as well as the play aspect, even once the teat is gone.
  • Challenge their brain. Leave a food/treat puzzle toy for them to enjoy. The challenge of getting to the treat occupies them, and tires them out.
  • Provide dog chews. Dogs chew for many reasons, and the most common reasons are to relieve stress and boredom. Provide chews and you will avoid them choosing something else, like the furniture, to get their teeth on.
  • Place continuous play games in the yard. Tug poles and balls can provide plenty of enjoyment, even when the kids are not around.
  • Create a daily scavenger hunt. A few treats places your dog my frequent so they can find them throughout the day. dog-being-keeping-busy
  • Practice low key comings and goings. Help your dog understand that your arrival or departure is no big deal.  Say good-bye at least 10 minutes prior to leaving and wait 10 minutes before greeting them when you get home.
  • Wear them out before you leave. Provide some valuable exercise time before you leave and your dog will be happy for that afternoon nap later in the day.
  • Put the television on a timer so that it goes off and on a few times throughout the day. Sometimes the quiet is just too much for a dog that is used to a busy household. The television can provide just the right amount of distraction.

Remember, back-to-school can be a very difficult time for the pets in your family.  Add a little excitement and distraction, and they too can manage the change.

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