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7 Ways Mobile Pet Grooming Benefits Special Needs Dogs

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-in-need-of-mobile-groomingIf you have pets you know that meeting their grooming needs can be a time consuming process. That is just one of the many reasons why many pet parents call San Diego mobile pet groomers—convenience. Mobile pet grooming is a service that comes to you to get the grooming process done quickly and professionally so you can spend more time with your cat or dog just having fun. There are, of course, many advantages to the pet parent in utilizing the services of a mobile groomer, but for special needs pets the advantages go far beyond convenience.

Advantages of Mobile Grooming For Pets with Special Needs

Regular bathing and brushing does much more than keep your little fluff muffin smelling fresh. Grooming is an important part of your dog’s or cat’s health. There are many pets with special needs whose health can become compromised if they become overworked, stressed, or if the grooming process is too difficult for them to manage. In these instances, mobile grooming is a wonderful alternative to traditional home or salon grooming, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Mobile grooming eliminates the need to put your precious friend in an unfamiliar environment. Even if you go to the same salon for years, the experience for a pet might only marginally improve. This is because each time the other cats and dogs present in the salon, as well as the ones that have been before change, all leaving their own scent. That is a lot of unfamiliarity and uncertainty for a pet that does not feel well and who, in their mind, may need to defend themselves against these uncertainties.
  2. When the groomers come to your home, you reduce the emotional and physical stress involved in transporting them to a salon. For pets that are elderly or in ill-health just leaving the home can induce stress that can trigger additional health problems. For some, climbing in and out of a vehicle can cause severe pain in their back and joints, while the motion of the vehicle can also be physically distressing.                                                                                                                               
  3. mobile-pet-grooming-for-dogsProfessional mobile salons are sanitary and cater to one family at a time. Since the groomer comes to you and deals with only one family at a time, your cat or dog is not exposed to germs from other dogs and cats and dogs.
  4. Traditional salons usually involve a wait and time around other animals. For some, being around other dogs or cats is not a problem. But for cats and dogs with special needs, even being around other animals with whom they may be familiar takes a lot out of them. Younger animals may want to play or be rougher than they can withstand. Aggressive pets may cause your fur baby to become overly fearful. Even simple processes such as being crated for a time may be very uncomfortable for any animal with special needs. Mobile grooming eliminates these problems because the appointment is dedicated to one family and one awesome fur family member at a time.
  5. The need to successfully manage a salon or shop often means that employees are multitasking to get the jobs done on time. Sometimes this means using hands-free processes such as crating or cage drying to manage the job.
  6. Grooming is a simple process but difficult to execute properly. Grooming involves using shampoos and conditioners as well as tools all meant for a particular skin or coat type. It also requires using the right temperature water, and following processes that insure the pet’s safety and well-being. Something as simple as not drying the coat well can lead to the growth of mold and parasites and the development of sores that can lead to painful infections. Home grooming can also take much longer and be more demanding on your faithful friend’s body. That’s why home grooming can be so hard on cats and dogs that are elderly or sick. Mobile grooming salons are specially made to accommodate special needs and ensure that all of the right products and processes are used while getting them squeaky clean and beautiful.
  7. special-needs-dogThere really is no place like home, especially for health compromised pets. Mobile grooming keeps home in sight to make the experience as comfortable as possible, and when it is all done, they can go right back to the comfort of their favorite hiding place or to lounge on the couch (when you are not looking, of course).

When pets become sick, injured, or unable to groom themselves, it is up to us to help. Sometimes, the best solution is having a professional groomer bring the salon to your home and eliminate all of the problems that come with other options.


  • Choose a San Diego mobile pet groomer that uses only fresh water for every groom. This insures that your cat or dog does not unnecessarily come in contact with dirt or parasites that may be retained and transferred in the water.
  • Ask the groomer about what they do to accommodate special needs and their experience in handling health compromised pets.
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