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7 Things Your Cat and Dog Want You to Know about San Diego Mobile Pet Grooming

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7 Things Your Cat and Dog Want You to Know about San Diego Mobile Pet Grooming

Try as we might to understand, sometimes what our cat or dog is thinking is a huge mystery. That’s because even though we live in the same space, how we experience and interpret that space is completely different. Wouldn’t it be neat if what your dog or cat was thinking would appear in a bubble above their head? This would probably be most helpful (and most surprising) when it comes to finding out what they wish you knew about mobile grooming. There are many things that pet owners assume about San Diego mobile grooming, and the fur population wants to set the record straight.

Dog in the bath during San Diego mobile grooming session

Mobile Grooming Is More than a Convenience

Sure, it is great to have a groomer bring the salon to you instead of having to run all over town, but mobile grooming is far more than a convenience. It is a service that eliminates many of the dangers, stresses, and worries out of regular grooming care.

Regular Grooming Can Save Money

Weighing the cost of goods and services is smart, especially when it comes to making a decision about mobile pet grooming. Regular grooming provides long term savings because it helps your pet stay healthy and avoids expensive medical bills for issues that could have been avoided. Infrequent or improper grooming can lead to problems like impacted and infected ears, skin damaged by matting, rotting teeth, and more.

Home, Salon, and Mobile Grooming are Not the Same Thing

It is easy to think of grooming as very similar to what your might do at home; a quick wash in the yard or tub, towel dry, and then a once over with a brush. Professional grooming is actually quite different and much more involved. Professional grooming is much more than a wash and dry. Groomers use professional grade products and tools that are specific to the cat or dog’s skin and fur type and other special needs, like allergies. The groomer cares for all parts of the dog, cleaning the ears, trimming nails, and far more using techniques that make it safe and healthy for the dog or cat.  Beyond these differences, professional salon and professional mobile grooming also differ from one another by virtue of the service. Salons and stores usually accommodate several pets at  one time and generally have some waiting for service and some waiting to be picked up, which can create a very noisy (and distressing) atmosphere, while mobile groomers come to you and focus on one pet at a time, for example. Ultimately, your cat or dog sees each of these experiences very differently.

Dog while being mobile groomed in San DiegoBeing Around Unfamiliar Dogs and Cats can be Stressful

Even the most outgoing and congenial cat or dog can become anxious about an atmosphere where there are lots of other animals around. You may have even had your happy pup act out and become surprisingly snippy when at the groomers. This is because from their perspective, all of these new friends can be potential foes so they have to stay alert and on guard. Your precious fur baby wants you to know that for them, going to the groomer is not like going to the hair salon is for their human. It is much more frightening and stressful. This is one reason why mobile grooming is far more comfortable from their perspective.

If You are Nervous, We are Nervous

Your fur family also wants you to know that if you become nervous about grooming, so do they. They can read you like a book and if they sense you are worried or fearful, they believe there must be a good reason to be fearful, too. Get familiar with the groomer and ask questions until you are comfortable. Mobile groomers can make the process even more comfortable by showing you the mobile salon, and letting you watch the process.

You Can Help Your Cat or Dog Have a Great Grooming Experience

Fido and Fluffy want you to know that pet parents can do a lot to make grooming easy and stress-free for them. Start by playing with their feet and get them used to being touched on the tail and in the arm pits. You can also tap their nails with back of a spoon, let them hear the hair drier or electric shaver, and brush them regularly to help them get familiar with common things in the process. One important way to help your dog is to teach them the “stand” command as

groomers need them to stand as opposed to “sit” for grooming.

Dog having fun after San Diego mobile grooming session

Mobile Pet Grooming Leaves More Time for Fun

Most importantly, your fur family wants you to know that mobile grooming saves time. Naturally any time saved can be very well-spent on them, they say.

If you are considering a mobile grooming service in San Diego, Awesome Doggies would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact Awesome Doggies if you'd like more information.

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