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5 Ways Grooming Makes Your Dog Happy

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-happy-san-diego-mobile-pet-groomingThere are many breeds of dogs in the world. There are big ones, small ones, short-haired, long-haired, and almost no-haired ones. One thing they all have in common is the necessity for an occasional grooming. Whether your pup digs the dog grooming process or loathes it, in the end he or she is happier for it. A good wash, brush, and trim have many benefits and make life better for both pets and pet parents.

A Clean Dog is a Huggable Dog

One of the most obvious reasons for giving a dog a bath is to keep him from getting dirty and stinky. When your dog is clean, not only does he feel better, you feel better about cuddling up. Of course, dogs love to be loved. When your babe is fresh, smooth, and smells good, you can't help but snuggle.

Grooming Maintains Skin Health

Brushing and washing make a dog's skin feel good in several ways. These distribute natural oils throughout the dog's coat, get rid of mats, dirt, and debris, and ward off allergies and infection. Mats and tangles don't feel good to a dog. The balls of tight fur pull on his skin, causing discomfort and even pain. Grooming provides relief to those with mats and prevents further ones. The same goes for stickers and other debris trapped in a dog's locks.Dogs who suffer from allergies or skin problems benefit greatly from grooming. For these poor pups, happiness comes in the form of relief from itchy, crawly skin. Shampooing and brushing get rid of allergens and soothe inflamed or infected skin.

Trimmed Nails Make Running and Playing Fun

When your dog's nails get too long, it can mean that running, jumping, and playing around are uncomfortable. Proper nail trimming frees your dog up for the zips, fetch, and long walks on cool summer evenings without the threat of pain. Nail trimming also reduces risk of ingrown nails, which happen in dogs just like in humans. No one likes those.

Also in the realm of paw health is pad moisturizing. Imagine running barefoot everywhere you go. A dog's pads can get rough, dry, and even cracked. Moisturizing pads soothes and relieves them.

Clean Ears: All the Better to Hear You With

Well, maybe not, but dirty ears can make for an unhappy pooch. Dirt, oil, and grit can build up in his ears and lead to infection and itch. This is no fun for a dog. While most dogs have fairly clean ears, they all benefit from an occasional check and a good cleaning when necessary. Squeaky-clean ears with no infection or allergens feel good.

dog-happy-san-diego-mobile-pet-groomingBetter Vision, Better Attitude

When hair gets too long and grows over a dog's eyes, it hampers his field of vision. This gives him a more cautious, unsure nature. He may even get a bit defensive because he can't see where he's going or what's coming up on him. It's amazing what a few snips of hair can do for a dog's demeanor. Grooming helps keep those peepers clear of overgrown hair for a happy, confident pup who can strut about without worrying about tripping. Also, a gentle wash of the area around the eyes helps with tear stains.

Part of keeping your dog happy is proper grooming. Not only does it make your dog feel good, it also keeps back allergies and increases comfort by removing tangles, mats, and overgrown nails. Who knows, it may even make him feel more confident, sassy, and prancy.

Whether your dog loves, hates, or tolerates grooming, we can help make him or her a clean, neat, happy dog. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.
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