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5 New Products for Your Pooch

Posted by Awesome Doggies

There are constantly new products coming out that are marketed to pet owners. Some are good, some are bad, and others are downright ridiculous. Let's take a look at some interesting new products for your pup.  

Cycle Dog Collars


Bicycle inner tubes are trashed frequently. Thanks to Cycle Dogs, many of these tubes are finding a new purpose in life as dog collars. The collars are resistant to water and are soft on your dog's skin. Reducing the impact on the environment isn't just about human products, we can extend this to products for our pets. For fans of dogs and cycling, you will love knowing that your inner tubes could end up in your own dog's collar one day. And their special latches are just plain cool. You can find out more at 

Kibble Nibble Activity Ball

Dogs love to push things around. Adding food to the mix creates a challenge that is not just physically stimulating. Mental exercise will entertain your dog for hours. Besides, it's a blast watching your pup figure out new ways to get treats. All you do is fill the Kibble Nibble with treats or dry food and let your dog do the rest. While being pushed about, the ball will drop food from time to time. The ball is carried in local pet stores or seek a retailer online.



Love your pooch but hate his breath? You're not the only one. The new Orapup entices your dog to scrub their own tongue by licking an enzymatic "Lickies" paste off a special cleaning pad. This process goes after the bad bacteria that thrives on the tongue and is big part of bad breath issues. You can buy brushes and Lickies paste at 


Hear Doggy Martians

These unique chew toys are full of happy, squeaky fun. Only your dog can hear the toy, though. Which is really cool when you're sleeping and your dog decides it is playtime in the middle of the night. You can find these toys at pet stores or by ordering online. 



Brew Buddies

Dogs love beer. For whatever reason, canines really, really enjoy a cold brew now and then. Or even a warm beer. We all know alcohol is unhealthy for dogs which is why you can now share a brew with your buddy safely. Brew Buddies are flavorful treats made from barley. Be a responsible pet friend – shelve the beer and give your buddy one of these instead.

 Found your own favorite new dog product? Tell us about it!

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