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3 Ways to Make Cat Grooming More Enjoyable For You And Your Feline Friend

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-cat-grooming-san-diego As the proud mom or dad of a cat, you are most likely well aware that cats generally are not as cuddly and receptive to cuddling as their canine counterparts. Cats love their human parents in their own way, and it isn't unusual if your cat is fickle about when you can and cannot love on them. However, part of being a good cat mom or dad requires ensuring that they are properly groomed on a routine basis. If you find that cat grooming thus far has been difficult, don't fret! In this post, we will uncover a few helpful tips to make the cat grooming experience easier for you and your feline friend.

  1. Start Your Grooming Session Out Short in The Beginning: If your cat is a bit skittish and doesn't always love being touched, keep the grooming sessions relatively short. In the beginning, keep your grooming session under ten minutes and only work up to longer periods of grooming once your cat has gotten comfortable with the routine. While you are grooming them, work on desensitizing them by rubbing behind their ears, rubbing their belly, stroking their back, and touching their legs. This way, they can get accustomed to being handled and become more comfortable with it. Not only will this make your grooming experience easier for both of you and promote the chance to bond, it will prepare your cat for when they must be handled by a stranger such as a professional pet groomer.
  2. Get in The Habit of Routine Brushing: When you desensitize your cat with your hands, you should also begin to desensitize them with a brush or whatever else will be used to keep their coat clean and smooth. How often you will have to brush your cat's coat will depend on how long their hair is. For cats with shorter hair, you can get away with quickly grooming them once a week. But for cats with longer, thicker coats, you will want to brush them on a daily basis. This will help cut down on shedding and ensure that your cat's coat is healthy and disease-free. And the more you brush them, the more they will become used to it and more receptive to you handling them when you need to. 
  3. Know Your Limitations: As far as brushing your cat goes, it is something relatively easy to do, especially when your cat gets used to it. However, there are other grooming needs that your cat has that might not be as simple to deal with. One example is clipping their nails. When a cat's nails are neglected, they become longer (and sharper) and more painful for anyone who gets scratched. Longer nails are also more susceptible to disease and other problems and when they become too long, they are painful for your cat to deal with. It will also start to impede on their ability to walk without any problems. If you have never trimmed your cat's nails before, don't have the equipment to do so, or are afraid of how they will react, your professional groomers are definitely up to the task. They will be able to trim your cat's nails the right way without hurting them and you won't get hurt in the process either! 

Looking for more advice on grooming your cat? Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions you have or to learn about the many pet care and grooming services that we have to offer! We specialize in grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats, and would be happy to meet your pet.

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