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3 Easy Ways to Spoil and Pamper Your Cat

Posted by Awesome Doggies

It is not uncommon for cat parents to love and adore their feline friends, yet have no idea how to "spoil" or pamper them with things that they will actually appreciate. After all, cats are notorious for being aloof, mysterious, and difficult to read. So just what can you do for them that you will know they will enjoy? In this post, we introduce to a few things you can do to spoil your kitty in a way that suits them and will ultimately strengthen your relationship with your cat. mobile-dog-grooming-san-diego
  1. Treat Them to a Spa Day: Every cat has a unique personality and what they enjoy and how they enjoy it will be different. Chances are, your cat might not love bath time. You might even find it difficult to give them the occasional brushing. However, professional groomers are accustomed to working with all kinds of animal personalities and will be able to read your cat's behavior and determine what they are receptive to and what would they rather not deal with. If you know your cat is long overdue on a proper bath, yet they won't let you handle them, call a professional mobile groomer that works in your area. This way, they will get the cleaning and grooming they need, without the need for a car ride, without having to be surrounded by other strange animals as they would if you took them to a traditional groom shop, they will at the very least better tolerate and at best end up enjoying the experience!
  2. A Few Minutes of Grooming: Pampering your cat doesn't mean you have to splurge on expensive treats all of the time. Something as simple as some grooming can prove to be quite indulgent and luxurious! Treat your cat to a few minutes of brushing every few days or even on a daily basis, if you can make the time. Not only will this keep them clean and their gorgeous coat soft, regular grooming is an effective way to bond with your cat and build a strong relationship with them. If your cat isn't receptive to touch, start out by just doing a very short period of touching. Eventually, it is likely that they will allow you to groom them more often and even look forward to this bonding ritual. 
  3. Fix Them a "Gourmet" Meal: It is no great secret that cats are a little more high maintenance than dogs. While dogs will love you unconditionally, it would seem that cats demand you earn their affection. One way to do that is by fixing your feline friend a fancy dish. Cats may be hesitant to show humans that they love them, but they have no difficulty showcasing their love for food...especially well-prepared food. For special occasions, whip up a gourmet meal for your kitty friend complete with all of their favorite flavors and dessert to top it off. If you haven't ever pampered your cat with a fancy meal and are stumped on your options, consider talking to a pet care professional about what they would recommend. And in today's day and age, there are lots of specialty options including organic cat foods or meals that will actually boost your cat's health!

Looking for more advice on ways to treat your cat to some special pampering? Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions that you might have. Check out our other blog posts for more free resources or visit our website!

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