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15 Ways Regular Mobile Grooming is Good for Your Dog’s Health

Posted by Awesome Doggies

healthy-dog-with-professional-mobile-groomerWe know. Nobody has to tell you the benefits of calling in the mobile groomer or convince you of its merits. Getting your dog groomed regularly has obvious benefits for you, like a better smelling pup, and a lot less shedding around the home.

While the need for and benefits of getting long haired breeds groomed regularly is pretty obvious, did you know that regular grooming can help keep every dog healthy from Sheep Dogs to Teacup Chihuahuas? While regular grooming might seem like a huge task or a luxury, it is actually a process that can help your dog live a happier and healthier life.

Here is some important ways regular dog grooming leads to better health:

  • Older Dogs with weaker skeletal systems or hip problems benefit from having nails kept trimmed properly and pads conditioned to avoid cracking and infections.

  • Getting nails trimmed helps avoid splitting or catching on carpeting or other objects and causing injury.

  • Regular professional mobile grooming can help identify possible medical problems through changes in the skin and coat early.

  • Regular grooming can help identify skin irritations and allergies.

  • dog-health

    Keeping face hair trimmed properly can help keep fur out of the eyes and prevent the hair from causing damage to the cornea or causing a painful eye infection.

  • Keeping the fur around eyes trimmed can also reduce feelings of fear and anxiety because they can see more clearly.

  • Properly trimmed nails lead to a safer and more stable stance which is also important in older dogs.

  • Mobile groomers can shave the hair from the inside of the pinna (the floppy part of the ear) to allow better air circulation which helps reduce the incidence of ear infections.

  • The regular and hands on aspect of grooming helps groomers become very familiar with the dogs body and skin, making them more likely to notice any unusual lumps, bumps, depressions, or sensitive areas.

  • Dental diseases is one of the most common problems in adult dogs, and one that can lead to big problems such as malnutrition and infection later in life. Regular grooming including great oral care can help reduce these problems.

  • Regular brushing and de-shedding can reduce the incidence of painful matting as well as remove the dead fur that can harbor dirt and bacteria.

  • De-shedding can help the dog regulate their temperature.

  • Regular brushing spreads the coat’s natural oils which makes the coat healthier.

  • Groomers clean the dog’s backend and can trim the sanitary area to help the dog stay cleaner and less likely to attract parasites. When fur becomes entangled with feces, it can block the anus and cause an internal obstruction that could require medical attention.

  • Professional mobile groomers also, on request, express anal glands which can become painfully blocked or infected.

We seriously love the immediate benefit of the proud pup strutting his stuff and feeling like the dog about town after a great mobile grooming but most importantly, we appreciate the health benefits it gives your favorite friend. If you have any questions about grooming or how we can help, please contact us. We are always happy to answer questions and would love to get to know your fur baby.

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