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10 Essential Cocker Spaniel Grooming Tips

Posted by Awesome Doggies

cocker-spaniel-dog-groomingThere is not a dog we do not love here at Awesome Doggies, but in our mobile pet grooming adventures the Cocker Spaniel seems to stand out as one of the most congenial. The Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular breeds in America -- and for good reason. Their easy breezy attitude makes them a good fit in almost any situation. Spaniels are often referred to as being a merry breed because they always seem to be enjoying themselves. They are also among the most people-oriented of all breeds and love being in the middle of all the action.

However, these happy, tail wagging bundles of joy come with a coat that needs regular maintenance, which can be a real challenge. We get many questions about grooming Cocker Spaniels, and about how to maintain their luxuriously silky coats between professional grooming appointments so we wanted to share some important tips to help out all of you Cocker Spaniel pet parents out there.


  • Start regular grooming early, as a puppy if possible It is important to get them used to being touched with a brush and other unfamiliar objects.
  • Cocker Spaniels need daily coat maintenance between professional grooming sessions as their coats can tangle and become matted quite quickly. Regular brushing and grooming helps keep the coat and skin healthy by stimulating blood flow and distributing natural oils. If daily brushing doesn’t work with your lifestyle, then ask your groomer to clip your dog’s coat into a short ‘puppy cut’ that requires minimal brushing between appointments. Resign yourself to losing the long luxuriant ‘skirt’ because it will tangle and matt without regular brushing.  
  •  Use the correct grooming tools for Cocker Spaniels. You will need a slicker brush to remove tangles, a bristled brush to remove dead hair, and a pin brush for the feathered areas. 
  • Before each grooming session, have your tools ready and handy. This will prevent disruptions and teach your friend that the time is solely set aside for grooming. 
  • Spaniels have both an under and outer coat and each need special care to avoid matting. Talk to your groomer about how to avoid the problems of only brushing the outer coat.
  • Remove matting and shed hair before bathing as the wet fur will become even more tangled. 
  • Use a liquid detangler to help remove matting without tugging or damage to the skin.
  • Dogs that are more active, or spend time outdoors may need more frequent grooming than inside or less active dogs, and should be kept clipped much shorter. cocker-spaniel-playing
  • Using protein rich shampoos and cream rinses can help promote the luster and shine of your dog’s coat and make it easier to detangle matting.
  • Dry the underside of the Spaniel’s long wide ears thoroughly as this can be a breeding ground for mites, ticks, and fleas. Cocker Spaniels are prone to ear infections as their floppy ears tend to hold in moisture.

Few things are more beautiful than a freshly groomed Cocker Spaniel. Their soft silky fur is pretty irresistible, if you ask us. Keeping the fur soft and irresistible though is a lot of work though, especially when these playful pups are given to getting themselves in quite a tangle during their daily adventures. If the task becomes too much, don’t worry. Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming is always ready to cruise in with our trusty brushes and clippers to save the day and provide you with some grooming support. We know you have earned it!
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