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Emergency Dog Grooming, What Your Groomer Wants You to Know

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWire coat or smooth, long and silky or soft and puffed, all dogs benefit from professional grooming. Groomers work hard to learn safety protocols, keep updated on the best available products and the ins and outs of giving your pet an amazing haircut. Put simply, they are the best source for keeping your companions looking their best.

But what about those emergency moments, those times when your groomer isn't available? Odd as it may seem to some, grooming emergencies do occur. Here are a few you should be aware of along with a few things your groomer wants you to know before you take action.

Home Haircut Disaster

Brittany the cocker spaniel, she of the long, thick show coat, had a great day at the park. She romped through mud puddles and kicked up a storm of debris before dashing through a briar patch. Now Brittany looks less glam and more cautionary tale. Dad attempted to help by snipping the briars out with a pair of kitchen shears. Mom's opinion of the impromptu haircut is now etched clearly on her face as she hands the leash over to the groomer. Puppy cut to the rescue!

Sawing through mats or briars may remove the offending material in a hurry, but a better idea is to call your groomer and ask for an appointment. If an appointment isn't possible soon enough, a groomer can tell you the best way to mitigate the damage until an appointment is available. Groomers have the tools and the know-how to remove most offending materials with the least amount of damage possible.


Max, a golden retriever, hears something bumbling about in the corner of the yard. Before his human companions can wonder what's up, he's dashed off to stop the intruder before it can see it's evil plan for yard domination to completion.

That quick spray, the yelp and the snuffling, scrunch-faced rolling and swiping at the face told you all you needed to know, even before the smell reached your now highly offended olfactories.  Having repelled the interfering canine, the skunk scoots off under the fence, leaving Max and his humans to head for the … wait for it…

Tomato juice.

Tomato juice does have acidic properties, which is what people are hoping will remove the odor. When applied immediately, a tomato juice bath may seem to help, but it's mostly because the owners have managed to wash away the bulk of the skunk oils before they could settle into the coat. A more likely scenario is a smelly, red-stained dog - double whammy! If pet parents forget to wear gloves and an apron, they've likely managed to skunk themselves, the furniture on the way through the house, the carpet where their furry friend stopped for a quick roll…

A better choice is to clean your dog's eyes with a saline eye solution made for dogs to give him some relief (Vetericyn is one safe brand), then ask your groomer for advice on removing skunk odor. Better, get an appointment right away. Some groomers even offer late night emergency service, when most skunkings occur. The sooner the issue is dealt with, the better the outcome.

Holiday baths

It's holiday time and the family is on the way. Sammy's been rolling in dead leaves and looks less than fabulous for a festive occasion. Better make a quick grooming appointment…oh. Everyone else had the same idea and they booked ahead. Now what? Oh well, you can always maneuver Sammy into the tub and give him a quick cleanup. Clairol is good enough for you, it must be a double luxury for Sammy!

Washing done, Sammy heads out for a roll in the backyard while you clean hair from the drain, mop up the bathroom, the kitchen where Sammy passed through to get to the yard, and yourself before planning the holiday menu.

Why is Sammy scratching all through dinner? And his coat looks nothing like it does after a professional grooming! What went wrong?

Bathing a dog properly means using the correct shampoo for your dog's coat. It will be ph balanced and safe for animal use, won't leave residues and, perhaps most importantly, is thoroughly rinsed away. Leaving just a tiny bit of shampoo on your dog leads to itching and potentially hot spots. Not such a great holiday for you or for Sammy.

A better plan is to ask your groomer for advice on in-between professional grooming maintenance. Bathing is possible at home, but it must be done correctly to avoid making any skin or coat issues worse.

Keeping your dog looking and feeling great is the primary concern of a good professional groomer. When a grooming emergency occurs, we are here to help. Contact us for help avoiding common home-grooming mistakes.

3 Ways to Keep Your Home as Clean as Your Pet

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWhen your pet is a member of the family, most people enjoy keeping them clean enough to snuggle. There's nothing like burying your face in warm silky soft fur to make a bad day melt away and when your dog or cat is bathed regularly, they're always clean enough to enjoy either a romp or a cuddle. However, the area your pet lives in might not actually be as clean as they are. A few weeks of shedding, dander, and lying down after activities that are not baths can make a pet bed and really any area where your pet likes to sleep or hang out surprisingly dirty. You know what your favorite furry friend smells like dirty and clean and let's face it, pet beds might need washing about as often as your pet does so that the two of them are always clean together.

Of course, maintaining the balance between a clean home and a clean pet can be hard to do. However, while your friendly mobile groomers are giving your favorite furry friend a spa day in the bathtime-mobile you have a few minutes to throw the dog bed in the laundry and clean the area so your home and your pet are spotless at exactly the same time.

Wash Your Pet's Bedding

Every fur baby lives a unique life with their loving owners including where they sleep and what needs to be cleaned during bathtime. If your pet has a designated bed, this could easily be the dirtiest item in the house, having gotten that way quite slowly over time. If you can, vacuum the pet bed first to pull up as much loose hair as you can and try to get into all the cracks and crevices. If your pet sleeps on or in blankets, lay them out and run the curtain attachment over them for the same effect. Once you've done the preliminary clearing, wash everything on hot with mild detergent.

Vacuum Everything

Everywhere your pet spends time will feature a light layer of fur but your pet will be coming back form their grooming appointment completely done shedding for at least a little while. To get your home ready to match your pet, run your vacuum over absolutely everything. Cover the floors in the rooms your pet is allowed in, even if they're not carpeted, and use the detail attachment to get into corners. Use the upholstery attachment on any favorite couch cushions and the corner of their bed they sleep on and consider swiping the curtains as well.

Sweep and Mop the Food Area

Now that you've got the laundry running and the layers of fur cleared from the soft pet-friendly surfaces of your home, don't forget the area where your pet eats. Unless you have an unusually tidy eater, this area usually ends up just a little bit grubby between dripped drinks of water and happy muddy feet. Pick up the food and water bowls and give them a thorough scrub. Then sweep and mop the area where your pet eats.

By this point, your pet should be nearly done with their delightful bath with the mobile groomers and ready to rejoin you. With your home freshly vacuumed and sparkling clean, you can be certain that you and your pet can have the cleanest possible snuggle, at least until they get a chance to roll around in something in the backyard a few hour from now. For more great pet tips and tricks or to schedule a mobile grooming for your favorite fur baby, contact us today! Here at Awesome Doggies, we're always happy to meet a new friend or wash a pet we've come to know and love.

Five "Awesome" Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoSo, your 150-pound, gorgeously gargantuan, brown Newfoundland, "Snuffy" (aptly nicknamed after the lovable Sesame Street character, Mr. Snuffleupagus) decided to go outside and roll around in the mud today. Not only that, but he also decided to investigate what was lurking in the bushes behind your house. Turns out, it was a skunk, who wasn't so enamored with the presence of your gentle giant, and sprayed him.

Now, you truly have a larger than life problem on your hands, because you're hosting a dinner party this weekend for family and friends, but of course, you don't want a muddy, "skunkiferous" Snuffy greeting everyone at the door. To make matters worse, you don't have the time to—or the will—to load your odiferous behemoth into your car, and get him to the groomers before your party.

What's a dog owner to do in such a situation?

If only the dog groomers could come to you... actually, they can! Here are five "awesome" reasons to consider mobile dog grooming for your fur kid:

  1. Time Saver – You're working ten hours per day, have a long commute, dinner to make for the whole family, a house to clean and maintain, and the occasional five to six hours of sleep per night, if you're lucky. Who has time to groom Snuffy? The mobile groomers come to your house, so there's no time wasted driving in the car back and forth. There's also no time wasted at a cashier or loading a less than willing participant (Snuffy) into the car in the first place.
  2. Less Anxiety – Most dogs just don't like going to the groomer. Think about it; you drop them off in a strange building full of people in lab coats, who immediately put them in a cage until it's their turn to take a bath and hit the blow dryer. Dogs generally don't like any of those things. Overall, going to the groomer can be a really unsettling experience for your fur kid. But, there's a lot less to get nervous about if your dog gets groomed from a mobile salon parked in their own driveway.
  3. Undivided Attention – At a traditional groomer, your dog is herded into a salon area where there's four to five or more dogs all either being worked on or waiting for attention. There's a lot going on and when your dog isn't being groomed, he may be spending a lot of time with no human interaction. Most dogs don't like that either. They want as much undivided attention as possible, which is exactly what they'll get at a mobile groomer who schedules one dog at a time. Your dog has the undivided attention of their groomer until they're completely cleaned up and walked back into their own living room.
  4. Comfort – Dropping off your dog at a traditional groomer likely involves them spending a good amount of time in a cage. There's no waiting with the mobile groomer. Nope, Snuffy goes right from the comfort of his own home to the mobile salon, and back again with no cage, crate, or anything else.
  5. Convenience – Even if you have all the time in the world, wouldn't it be nice to spend it reading a book, watching reality television, going to the gym, or any one of a thousand other things, rather than going back and forth to the dog groomer? Mobile groomers are remarkably convenient, no matter how much time you have.

If you live in any one of the thirty-plus neighborhoods of the San Diego, CA area, and agree that it's time to give mobile dog grooming a try, give us a shout at Awesome Doggies.

It doesn't matter if you have a 150-pound newfie named Snuffy or a slightly less physically imposing Chihuahua named Queso, the dog lovin' grooming pros at Awesome Doggies will get him prepped and primed for a day of grace and elegance … okay, maybe that's going a little too far. Nonetheless, he's going to look awesome! By the way, we do kitties too. Contact us today!

Should You Trim Your Dog's Fur in the Winter?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

 mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoSome dogs seem to grow more fur than they know what to do with. Long-haired dogs, fluffy dogs, and even short-haired cold weather dogs all can seem remarkably uncomfortable if left to manage their coats the 'natural' way. This is one of the reasons we invest in professional grooming in the first place. Groomers can not only unmat long and tangled fur, they can also give strategic haircuts to trim away fur where they simply have too much. Many dogs get a full-body trim at least once a year and it's best to keep excess fur around the paws and tail, in particular, trimmed short all year long. However, many pet owners wonder if they should continue regular trimming in the slightly cooler winter months.

Warm Fur vs Warm Climate

The primary reasoning for this argument is that dogs grow their winter coats naturally and that all the extra fur is there to keep them warm but here in California, it never really gets cold enough to bundle up all that much. Essentially, if you don't need a heavy winter coat, neither does your dog. If your concern is one of style and you simply like for your puppy to look fluffy and warm in the winter, your final decision should be based on breed. Warm-weather dogs like Pomeranians and Spaniels can be left with their light-weight coats. However, popular cold-weather dogs like Huskies and Chows will be much more comfortable with their heavy winter coats regularly trimmed for the fairly warm Californian winters.

Excess Fur Still Gets in the Way

If your dog tends to excess fur, it's important that you do not stop trimming in at least a few strategic places. Between the toes, under the tail, and getting huge furry tufts out of their ears, for instance, all need to continue for your pet's convenience and happiness whether or not you get the full body trim like normal. That said, you trim your dog for a reason, and not just to keep them cool in the summer or to match the seasonal style. All that extra fur tends to get in the way of play time and without a trim your dog may be more susceptible to unpleasant and possibly painful tangles and mats. 

California isn't Alaska

Finally, there are definitely some circumstances where you would think twice about removing an extra insulating layer of fur from your dog but California isn't one of them. Without the risk of ice or snow, you can forget about any concern for 'winterizing' your pets. There is no need for booties, dog sweaters, or even much worry about dry skin. If you lived in Alaska, or even Idaho, wintertime trimming would be more of a concern. However, here in the golden state, mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoyou should be perfectly safe to get your dog their normal full-coat convenience trim right along with their normal grooming schedule all year long.

Talk To Your Groomer

If you're really concerned about whether or not you should get a full trim for your pooch in the winter months, have a conversation with your groomer. They can help you understand which breeds can comfortably go without trimming in the winter and help you build the perfect trimming schedule for your dog. If you just want to change seasonal fur style, a longer trim still gets all excess fur out of the way and can be used to reduce a fluffy winter coat for both comfort and winter fur fashion.

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up close with your favorite pets. When your dog is clean and properly trimmed for their breed, they will be just as happy and comfortable as you are in your favorite winter clothes. For more helpful tips and advice on how and when to groom your furry friends, contact us today.

Taking Care of Your Pup in Winter Weather

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWinter is in full swing now, and while that doesn't mean freezing temperatures for the folks here in sunny San Diego, it does mean slightly cooler temperatures. Because of this, there is a good chance you will want to change a few things about your doggy care routine in order to keep your furry friend comfortable through the cooler months. 

Wondering what you might change to keep your pooch nice and comfy? Here are a few wintertime tips for dog owners in the San Diego area. 

Time Walks Right — If you have a smaller pup or a dog with a thin coat, you may find that even here in this warm part of the country, the colder early morning and/or late evening temperatures are uncomfortable for them. Pay attention to your little friend, and if they seem too cold during your usual walk time, change things up and go for a walk later in the morning, or in the afternoon when the sun is bright and warm.

Pay Attention to Weather — Fortunately for your furry friend, the fact that you live in Southern California means outside time can continue throughout the winter months. That said, the temperatures will still drop fairly low on occasion, especially at night. Therefore, you will want to take extra care to watch the weather and bring your dog inside if the weather is expected to become extra cold and you won't be around to let them back in. 

Give Your Dog a Bed — Chillier outside temperatures mean cooler floors. If your dog sleeps on the floor, this can be uncomfortable for them. Help keep your pup comfy and warm at night by giving them a dog bed or a snuggly blanket to sleep on. Your little friend is sure to appreciate the gesture, and you will both sleep more soundly at night. 

Avoid Space Heaters — Because we rarely get uncomfortably low temperatures here, many San Diego residents use small space heaters when needed in place of central heat. While this is economical, it is dangerous for doggies who may cuddle up to the heater without realizing the dangers this poses. Because nobody wants to see their pet burned, it is best to stick to the central heat if at all possible. 


Stay Hydrated — Many pet owners worry less about their dog's hydration during the cooler months. While this seems logical, it isn't the best practice. Dogs need plenty of water even when the weather is cooler, and this is even more true for the dogs of Southern California who are likely to be active and outdoors throughout the winter. Because of this, it is important that you continue to offer your pup plenty of water even as we experience our coldest days of the year.

Never Leave Your Dog in the Car — Despite the fact that the weather is now much cooler, it is still never a good idea to leave your pet in the car unattended. The sun will still heat your car more quickly than you might think, and if the car is left running, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat. 

Be Sure to Groom — Last but not least, you simply must be sure to keep your doggie well-groomed during the winter months. Cooler weather can lead to dry skin, and a well-groomed coat will help keep your furry friend well-insulated for the sometimes-chilly outdoor play. Besides, who doesn't want a silky soft, great-smelling dog to snuggle with while they enjoy hot tea on a chilly evening?

Are you ready to schedule your dog's professional grooming session? Please contact us to ask about our services or schedule an appointment.

Healthy Ways to Pamper Your Pup This Winter

Posted by Awesome Doggies

There's no one in the world who enjoys wintertime more than a happy dog. The simple change in seasonal scents and the way everyone gets friendlier around this time of year is simply fantastic for our favorite furry friends. However, winter time isn't always playtime and visiting relatives. There's also the long evenings cuddled up with your pooch with a cup of hot cocoa watching movies, wearing slippers, and cooking experimental desserts. If you love to relax in the winter, so does your furry friend. Why not pamper your pup this winter with a few cozy bonding techniques the two of you can enjoy together?mobile-dog-grooming-san-diego

Homemade Dog Treats

One thing that winter tends to bring out is an urge to cook and bake. Before or after the holidays, the plates of cookies, steaming pies, and delicious roasts just seem to keep coming. If you love to get into a major cooking kick in the winter, consider making your dog a few platters of winter doggy treats as well. From blueberry biscuits to peanut butter treats, your furry companion can share your wintertime joy in cooking delicious homemade goodies. 

Moisturizing Spa Treatment

Even if your puppy is an inside/outside dog, during the winter they're likely to want to spend a lot more time inside your heater-warmed home. However, when a heater runs it dries out the warm air which can start to cause dry skin and itching problems in both humans and their pets. Just like you need to up the moisturizer routine during the winter, your dog needs something similar. Gentle, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is a great place to start and you can even use some special doggy lotion with a selection of delightfully healthy ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E oil to keep their skin as soft and healthy as it is in the summer.

Share Warm Meals

There's nothing like a warm cup of tea or a steaming hot meal shared during the winter months to warm your heart and your insides and your dog enjoys eating warm food as well. If you feed your dog 'wet' food, you can easily warm it up on the stove or in the microwave, just be sure to sir and heat carefully so as not to burn your dog's tounge. Even dry food can be served warm by adding warm water which will create a hot 'gravy' which will warm the morsels and your dog as they eat it. This is a great way to share the joys of hot meals in the winter, even if it's not that cold outside.

Brushed to Perfection

Finally, don't forget to keep brushing your dog every day. In fact, the winter is one of the most important times to brush your dog as they deal with the hassle of a winter fur coat. Here in California, dogs tend to grow a lot more winter fur than they need. To help them with this challenge, brush them thoroughly several times a week to pull out excess loose fur, sort out tangles, and detect any hidden skin issues. Plus, it's still a wonderful way to bond and spend time with your pet each day.

Winters here in California aren't harsh or nearly as icy as other places (or really at all) but you can still enjoy the cooler months with your dog happily at your side. Share your winter treat creation with your furry friends, keep their skin moisturized, and never stop your brushing routine. For more cold weather ways to bond with your dog or to schedule a winter grooming session, contact us today!

10 Great Gifts for Your Dog's Stocking This Year

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoFor some families, every single family member gets a stocking stuffed to the brim with treats and toys and we see no reason why your furriest family member should be left out of the fun. In case your pet didn't get what they wanted for Christmas, here are some ideas for treating them.

1) Rawhide Candy Canes

Almost everyone, child or adult, loves the abundance of candy canes over the holiday season. You can almost always get a few from teachers at school and from various sources at work where people have simply left them in piles or arranged neatly in clean coffee mugs for anyone to take one. While dogs can eat peppermint, they don't tend to go for nearly pure sugar candy but they do need to keep those choppers clean and busy! Instead of candy, stuff your dog's stocking with red and white twisted rawhide candy canes instead!

2) A Shiny New 2-Mode Brush

If you brush our dog as often as you should (once a day to once a week), your old dog brush is probably looking pretty worn and a lot of owners don't even have the wire brush which helps clear out loose shed but not yet dropped fur. This year, get your dog something nice with a shiny new double-brush with the wire tines on one side and the soft bristles on the other.

3) Doggy Massage Glove

Let's face it, dogs generally want to be pet for several more hours each day than anyone has the time or stamina for and the thing they really love is steady scritches. If you enjoy sitting with your dog and casually petting them for hours, no doubt the two of you have had many fun times together but eventually your fingers get tired of the scritching. With a soft but ridgy massage glove, you can keep on scritching to the delight of your furry friend for much longer and give your scritching fingers a rest.

4) Jingly Holiday Tennis Balls

While our primary focus is on keeping your dog well-groomed, who can resist a pair of holiday-decorated tennis balls with sleigh bells inside? Not your dog, that's for sure. Never have to work for your dog's attention when playing outside again. Simply shake one of these bouncy holiday treats and let the game of Fetch begin!

5) Sharp New Nail Clippers

Nail clipping isn't any dog's idea of a favorite pastime but some clippings can be a lot better than others. Like all nail-care items, doggy nail clippers eventually get dull, making the task unnecessarily difficult. With sharp new nail clippers, you should be able to take care of this task far more quickly and easily.

6) A Zippy Mini Drone

Dogs love to chase things, especially strange little things that can land on their noses. If you secretly wanted a mini-drone and need an excuse, get one for your dog! While you play the pilot, your pooch can happily chase this inexpensive little quad-copter around the house and yard.

7) Himalayan Cheese Dental Chews

There are a lot of different kinds of dental chews and by far one of the most natural are made of hard traditional Himalayan cheese, which was originally a travel snack of the mountain-dwelling people. Delicious, porous, and rock-hard, your dog will spend happy hours of cheesy flavored fun cleaning their teeth.

8) Peppermint Dog-Breath Treats

The one downside of cheesy dental chews? No minty doggy breath afterward but that's no problem! If you like dog kisses but don't like the actual smell of your dog's mouth, they can get their share of peppermint treats this year right along with you and the kids. Peppermint-flavored dog treats can be a fun way to play 'catch' this holiday season and improve your dog's breath.

9) Sturdy Stuffed Toy

Dogs go through toys, some faster than others but eventually what was once a stuffed duck becomes a nearly inside-out pile of stuffing. The holidays are a perfect time to gift your dog with a new stuffed toy, destined to become a long-time favorite and then doomed to eventual stuffing destruction. But for now your doggy is incredibly cute with their new reindeer friend.

10) A Doggy Spa Appointment

Finally, don't forget that dogs still need baths in the winter and that bath can be as relaxing and fun as a day at the spa. With mobile grooming service all through the San Diego area, you don't have to take your dog for a holiday bath, we'll come to you! Whether you get them a bath before family comes to visit or after the excitement is up to you. For more great ways to pamper your pooch or to schedule a mobile grooming appointment, contact us today!

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Loves Grooming Day

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoGrooming day is a special day for any dog. They get to spend time with their groomer friends, meet other dogs, and enjoy a little doggie spa treatment. Each dog has its own very good reasons to need grooming: indoor dogs often need to have their nails trimmed regularly because they don't get worn down running around on outdoor pavement, while outdoor dogs get all sorts of dirt and particles in their fur that need to be washed out frequently. Mobile grooming is great for you and your dog because it's close to home so there's no need for kennels, cages, or car trips. However, not all dogs are immediately comfortable with grooming time. The key to a fun grooming day for everyone is to let your dog know how wonderful the day is, they will follow your lead.

Make Grooming a Routine

The number one way to make sure your dog understands that grooming is a good, fun thing and not a bad, scary thing is to make it regular. Dogs remember good things that have happened before, and a consistent positive reinforcement is always rewarded with enthusiasm. You may have noticed, for instance, that your dog responds happily to every-day great dog things in your home, like the messiest eater heading toward the kitchen, or any human holding their favorite ball. Once your dog has learned to recognize the mobile grooming salon as a fun and rewarding place, grooming time can be met with the same joy because they've been through it many times before.

Start with Bribery

We all love treats, but dogs never get tired of them. A baggie of treats, especially a recognized method of treat dispensing, is sure to get your pet's full attention. This simple mechanic of the dog mind can be turned into a great distraction tool. Anything that makes your dog unhappy or nervous can be quickly forgotten in the face of being a very good doggie who gets a treat. This can be especially important if your dog isn't sure about a mobile grooming experience. Be ready to distract your dog from their nerves at any moment by captivating their attention with chances for a treat, and reward them for not barking or trying to run away.

Introduce the Groomer

Dogs are generally friendly and great with strangers, but when they're already nervous, strangers can be an additional upset. Fortunately, the dog threshold for who is and is not a stranger is pretty low. Ask your friendly mobile groomer to take some time with you and your dog before the appointment for an official introduction. When you've gotten past the hand-sniffing, approval, and friendly ear scritching phases, they will have a new familiar smelling ally who they will happily recognize the next time mobile grooming comes to your home.

Soapy Snuggles

If your dog is still nervous after treats and introductions, you can ask the groomer whether it's better to stay in the grooming salon during the first bath or stay out of sight in the comfort of your home. Or maybe you split the difference and stand a distance away and just peek through the window to reassure yourself that all is ok. Lots of times we find that the nervous pup calms right down, as soon as mom is out of sight. Kinda like your kids behave better for strangers than they do for you, right? But remember if you choose to stay around for the grooming, that dog washing can be a messy business. Even if you only plan to be present for moral support, prepare to get soaked anyway.

Spend the Day Together

Having gotten all the way through the grooming, your dog is washed, trimmed, soft-furred and good-smelling. When they are this clean is a good time to cuddle, but your dog is probably ready to run around in the yard rolling in every everything they can find in order to regain their usual dog-like aroma and texture. While you may not be down for the rolling, you can reward them for good behavior by spending the day together. Taking them to the park or just throwing the ball around for an hour or two will help reinforce how wonderful grooming day is and make the next bath that much more enjoyable.

Turn grooming day into a special holiday just for you and your best furry friend. Whether they're unstoppably outgoing or nervously shy, grooming can be a fun and rewarding experience for any dog who knows what to expect, and that you love them even during bath time. For more great advice on keeping your dog happy about grooming, contact us today!

4 Care Tips for Dogs With Sensitive Skin

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Just like people, some pets are prone to sensitive skin and other skin conditions that may cause dryness, irritation, and other problems. Fortunately, these issues don't have to plague you and your puppy friend for very long. There are plenty of ways to make sure that your dog's sensitive skin doesn't lead to itchiness and other pesky irritants. So in this post, the expert dog groomers are here to share with you four care tips you can try if your dog has sensitive skin. mobile-dog-grooming-san-diego
  1. Check Their Food For Grains: By now you have heard about the issues gluten can cause for some people. It turns out dogs can be similarly effected by pet food that contains grains. Grains are a common culprit behind dry, itchy skin for many dogs so if you have recently noticed your dog irritated by their itchy skin, check the ingredients in their food. Try switching to another pet food product that doesn't contain grains and see how they act. If they seem calmer and less irritated by their skin, you'll know to permanently switch your pup to a grain-free diet.
  2. Spruce Up Their Diet: Grains aside, there are other ways in which a dog's diet can affect their skin. For example, if a dog is put on the same diet for months or years, it could lead to skin problems in the future. When a dog is fed only one thing for a long period of time, it means they are probably not getting all of the nutrients they need that usually can only be achieved by a varied diet. If you notice that on top of itchy, dry, irritated skin, your dog's coat starts to lack a certain glow and luster (or that it has become completely dry and coarse), try switching up the foods that they get in their diet. With variety in food, it will be easier for your dog to maintain healthy skin and a glossier coat. 
  3. Start Using Different Grooming Products: Sensitive skin can often be caused by shampoo and conditioning products that merely aggravate your dog's skin. If you notice that after bathing your pup they seem particularly irritable or their skin looks inflamed, make sure not to use those products again. It isn't always easy finding grooming products that you know will work for your dog; all dog's have different types of skin and will react differently to various products. The best things to do would be to consult with a dog grooming professional. They will be able to provide you with the expert information you need in order to find the right shampoo and conditioner for your dog. A professional groomer will also be able to provide recommendations on remedies to treat your dog's skin.
  4. Let The Pros Help Your Pup: If your dog has sensitive skin and everything you've tried doesn't seem to work, you have a few different options. If you believe the sensitive skin is chronic and caused by something more serious, don't hesitate in taking your dog to the vet. If you think it could be something as simple as irritating shampoo and grooming products, take a trip to a professional grooming salon. A professional grooming appointment might be exactly what your dog needs to soothe their sensitive skin and get the right products to keep their skin healthy and smooth. 

Are you in need of additional information related to pet care tips for dogs with sensitive skin? Feel free to contact us today with any questions or concerns you might have. Don't forget to keep reading our other blog posts for more free resources!

3 Things You Should Expect from a Mobile Dog Grooming Salon

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mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoAre you considering a mobile dog grooming salon instead of taking your pup in to a groomshop yourself? There are many reasons why mobile grooming is a great idea! You'll save time, energy, and the hassle of driving your dog to and from the groomers. With a mobile dog grooming salon, the professional groomers will come straight to your house. If you have never worked with a mobile dog grooming salon, it is understandable that you may have some questions about what it is and how it works. In this post, we will go over three key things that you should expect from a mobile groomer before hiring them. 

  1. The Right Equipment: As someone who isn't a pet grooming professional, it is understandable that you probably wouldn't know about all of the various kinds of tools and products that should be used for grooming purposes. However, there are a few key things you can know about and should look for before choosing a groomer. The most obvious piece of equipment that a mobile groomer needs is some sort of specially equipped vehicle such as a large van or a trailer. That vehicle will be equipped with things like a bathtub, grooming table, blowdryer, clippers, special lighting, and all kinds of grooming tools and supplies like shampoos and conditioners for a variety of skin and fur types, trimmers, scissors, and products to clean dogggie ears.  
  2. A Professional And Inviting Appearance: If you are like most dog moms and dads, you wouldn't want to allow your pup handled by a business that is less than professional. The right mobile dog salons dress in uniforms suited to their task, and understand the importance of maintaining their salon with a professional, eye-catching, and inviting appearance. After all, would you trust a dentist to work on your teeth if they wore a tshirt, worked out of their garage, or had shabby looking equipment? Professional groomers should look and behave in a professional manner -- and of course do a terrific job.
  3. The Right Services (And The Right Prices): It is a good idea to keep in mind that when mobile dog grooming salons set their prices, they are accounting for *all* the expenses of being able to safely and responsibly provide your pet's care. They aren't just pricing a particular service based on the service itself; they also take into consideration overhead costs such as gasoline, electricity, vehicle maintenance, and insurance, as well as the amount of time they spend driving from appointment to appointment. Mobile groomers cost more than a similar service provided at a traditional groom shop. Most appointments take about an hour and cost in the range of $80-$100. Think of it this way: what other professional tradesperson (plumber, locksmith, repairman, masseur) can you hire for a service call at your home, for less than $100? 

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